PWN10EB12A Datasheet PDF – 12V, Minibea Motor

Part Number : PWN10EB12A

Function : Minibea Motor

Package : Module Type

Manufacturers : NMB

Image :

PWN10EB12A motor


PWN10EB12A datasheet

Specifications :

1. Operating Voltage (V) : 5 to 10

2. Rated Voltage (V) : 12

3. No Load Speed (r/min) : 6880

4. No Load Current (mA) : 32

Other data sheets within the file : PWN10EA01C, PWN10EA02C, PWN10EA10A, PWN10EB12

PWN10EB12A Datasheet PDF Download

PWN10EB12A pdf

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BA6688L Datasheet PDF – Servo Motor IC- Rohm

Part Number : BA6688L

Function : Servo Motor IC

Package : ZIP 12Pin

Manufacturers : ROHM Semiconductor

Image and Pinouts :
BA6688L datasheet

Description :

The BA6688 IC provides the radio signal decoding and reads the positioning resistor (Pot) and the other is the BAL 6686 H-bridge that powers the servos motor.

BA6688L Datasheet

BA6688L Datasheet

BA6688L pdf