GPD6300A Datasheet PDF – Chip for MP3 player – Generalplus

Part Number : GPD6300A, GPD6300A-002B-QL231

Function : GPD6300A for MP3 player with FM radio function and design of the chip

Package : LQFP- 48 Type

Manufacturers : Generalplus ( )


GPD6300A image

Description :

The Generalplus GPD6300A is highly integrated system-on-a chip and targets a cost-effective, high performance micro-controller solution for MP3 player applications.  It embedded 8051 (8-bit CPU) and DSP processor, one 16-bit timers, USB full-speed mini-host and device, SPI master/slave controller, I2C master/slave controller, SD memory interface, Ir interface, programmable I/O ports, 16-bits audio DAC for audio playback, 10 bits ADC for AD key, UART interface, LCD interface (LCD direct drive mode), 32KB OTP, FM receiver, PLL.

By providing a complete set of system peripherals, the Generalplus GPD6300A chip minimizes overall system costs and eliminates the need to configure additional components.  The GPD6300A provides not only the high-speed performance and low cost for a system.

GPD6300A datasheet


1.8051 8-bit CPU with frequency up to 48MHz.
2.24-bit DSP processor with frequency up to 48MHz.
3.5kX8 bits SRAM for data memory.
4.16KX8 bits ROM and 32KX8 bits OTP for 8051 instruction memory.
5.Universal Serial Bus (USB) full-speed mini-host and device interface..
6.One 16-bits timer.
7.One SD memory interface.
8.SPI master/slave interface.
9.I2C master/slave Interface.
10. UART interface.
11. Ir interface.
12. Embedded FM receiver.
13. 26 Programmable general I/O ports (GPIO) with pull-high/low control.
14. 5V to 3.3V and 3.3V to 1.8V Regulator.
15. Low voltage reset.
16. 16-bits stereo audio DAC for audio playback.
17. 10-bits ADC
18. LCD Interface (LCD direct drive mode).
19. FM record function.


Pinout :

GPD6300A pinout

GPD6300A Datasheet PDF Download

AP18T10AGH-HF-3 pdf


WTV020M01 Datasheet – MP3 audio voice module SD

Part Number : WTV020M01

Function : MP3 audio module, voice module SD

Manufacturers : Unspecified

Pinouts :
WTV020M01 Image

WTV020M01 Features

  • The product supports plug-maximum the 1G capacity of the SD card
  • Supports playback of 4Bit ADPCM format files
  • Automatically recognize the voice files
  • Loadable 6KHz to 32KHz, 36KHz sampling rate AD4 audio
  • Loadable 6KHz ~ 16KHz sampling rate WAV audio
  • 16bitDAC and PWM audio output
  • Can store up to 512 voice
  • WTV020-SD-20S, WTV020-SD-16P two module types
  • Support micro-processor and key control
  • Voice playback can call any paragraph
  • Power-down save operation data capabilities
  • Loaded voice without software assistance to the SD card can be placed directly on the voice
  • Support file combination play, including mute combination
  • Operating voltage: DC 2.5 ~ 3.6V
  • Quiescent Current: 16uA (SD card is not inserted)

WTV020M01 Datasheet, WTV020-SD Pinout


WTV020M01 Pinout


WTV020M01 Images


FN-M16P Pinout


Reference Video :


WTV020M01 Datasheet PDF Download

[ WTV020-SD.pdf ] , [ FN-M16P.pdf ]
WTV020M01 pdf