HD74HC564P Datasheet PDF – Octal D-type Flip-Flop – Hitachi

Part Number : HD74HC564P

Function : Octal D-type Flip-Flops (with 3-state outputs)

Package : DIP 20 Pin type

Manufacturers : Hitachi ( Renesas Electronics )

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HD74HC564P datasheet

Description :

These devices are positive edge triggered flip-flops. The difference between HD74HC564P and HD74HC574 is only that the former has inverting outputs and the latter has noninvertering outputs.

Data at the D inputs, meeting the set-up and hold time requirements, are transferred to the Q or Q outputs on positive going transitions of the clock (CK) input. when a high logic level is applied to the output cotrol (OC) input, all outputs go to a high impedance state, regardless of what signals are present at the other inputs and the state of the storage elements.


1. High Speed Operation: tpd (Clock to Output) = 13 ns typ (CL = 50 pF)

2. High Output Current: Fanout of 15 LSTTL Loads

3. Wide Operating Voltage: VCC = 2 to 6 V

4. Low Input Current: 1 μA max

5.  Low Quiescent Supply Current: ICC (static) = 4 μA max (Ta = 25°C)


Other data sheets within the file : 74HC564, HD74HC564, HD74HC574, HD74HC574P

HD74HC564P Datasheet PDF Download

HD74HC564P pdf

HD74LVC244 Datasheet – Octal Buffer, Eight Line Driver

Part Number : HD74LVC244

Function : Octal Buffers / Line Drivers with 3-state Outputs

Package : DIP 20 Pin

Manufactures : Hitachi Semiconductor

Image and Pinout


The HD74LVC244 has eight line drivers with three state outputs in a 20 pin package. This device is a non inverting buffer and has two active low enables (1- and 2*). Each enable independently controls four buffers. Low voltage and high speed operation is suitable at the battery drive product (note type personal computer) and low power consumption extends the life of a battery for long time operation.



1. VCC = 2.0 V to 5.5 V
2. All inputs VIH (Max.) = 5.5 V (@VCC = 0 V to 5.5 V)
3. Typical VOL ground bounce < 0.8 V (@VCC = 3.3 V, Ta = 25°C)
4. Typical VOH undershoot > 2.0 V (@VCC = 3.3 V, Ta = 25°C)
5. High output current ±24 mA (@VCC = 3.0 V to 5.5 V)


HD74LVC244 Datasheet