C4558C Datasheet – UPC4558C, Dual Operational Amplifier

This post explains for the semiconductor C4558C.

The Part Number is C4558C. The package is DIP or SOP 8 pin.

The function of this semiconductor is UPC4558C.

Manufacturers : NEC


C4558C datasheet pdf

Description :

The uPC4558 is a dual type operational amplifier having internal phase compensating circuits, its electrical characteristics features higher speed, broader bandwidth, and low noise compared with such conventional general purpose operational amplifier as uPC741.

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C4558C image


1. Internal frequecny compensation
2. Low noise
3. Ouput short circuit protection

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C4558C Datasheet

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TDB0124-DP Datasheet – Quadrulpe OP AMP – Thomson

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Image :

TDB0124-DP Image

Description :

These circuits consist of four independent, high gain, internally frequency compensated operational amplifiers which designed specifically for automotive and industrial control systems.


1. Large voltage gain : 100 dB
2. Very low supply current drain : 800 uA
3. Low input bias current : 45 nA
4. Low input offset voltage : 2 mV
5. Low input offset current : 5 nA

Pinout ( TDB0124DP = Equvilent NTE987 )TDB0124DP Pinout

TDB0124-DP Datasheet

TDB0124-DP Datasheet

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