LM101AH Datasheet PDF – Operational Amplifier

Part Number : LM101AH

Function : Operational Amplifier

Package : Metal Can Package

Manufacturers : Linear Technology


LM101AH OP Amp

Description :

The LM101A and LM107 are general purpose operational amplifiers, featuring low bias current and the ablity to operate with high input differential voltages up to 30 Volts. Unlike many FET input amplifers, the output of the LM101A / 107 does not reverse if the common mode range is exceeded, making them particularly useful in comparator and oscillator circuits.


1. 30 Volt Differential Input Range
2. 75 nA Input Bias Current
3. Wide Common Mode Voltage Range


1. Signal Conditioning Amplifies
2. Voltage Followers
3. Comparators

Pinouts :

LM101AH datasheet


Supply Voltage

LM101A / LM107 +-22Volts
LM301A / LM307 +-18Volts

Other data sheets within the file : LM101A, LM101AJ8, LM107H, LM107J8

LM101AH Datasheet PDF Download

LM101AH pdf


C4558C Datasheet – UPC4558C, Dual Operational Amplifier

This post explains for the semiconductor C4558C.

The Part Number is C4558C. The package is DIP or SOP 8 pin.

The function of this semiconductor is UPC4558C.

Manufacturers : NEC


C4558C datasheet pdf

Description :

The uPC4558 is a dual type operational amplifier having internal phase compensating circuits, its electrical characteristics features higher speed, broader bandwidth, and low noise compared with such conventional general purpose operational amplifier as uPC741.

1 page
C4558C image


1. Internal frequecny compensation
2. Low noise
3. Ouput short circuit protection

2 page

C4558C Datasheet

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