OPA192 Datasheet PDF – Precision Operational Amplifier

Part Number : OPA192

Function : High Voltage, Rail-to-Rail Input/Output, Precision Operational Amplifier

Package : SOIC, SOT-23, VSSOP tpe

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments


OPA192 Operational Amplifier

Description :

The OPA192 family (OPA192, OPA2192, and OPA4192) is a new generation of 36-V, e-trim
operational amplifiers. These devices offer outstanding dc precision and ac performance,
including rail-to-rail input/output, low offset (±5 µV, typ), low offset drift (±0.2 µV/°C, typ), and 10MHz

Unique features such as differential input-voltage range to the supply rail, high output current and high capacitive load drive of up to 1 nF, and high slew rate make the OPA192 a robust, high-performance operational amplifier for high-voltage industrial applications. The OPA192 family of op amps is available in standard packages and is specified from –40°C to +125°C.

Pinouts :

OPA192 datasheet


1. Low Offset Voltage: ±5 μV
2. Low Offset Voltage Drift: ±0.2 μV/°C
3. Low Noise: 5.5 nV/√Hz at 1 kHz
4. High Common-Mode Rejection: 140 dB


1. Multiplexed Data-Acquisition Systems
2. Test and Measurement Equipment
3. High-Resolution ADC Driver Amplifiers
4. SAR ADC Reference Buffers
5. Programmable Logic Controllers
6. High-Side and Low-Side Current Sensing
7. High Precision Comparator

Official Homepage : https://www.ti.com/product/OPA192

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OPA192 Datasheet PDF Download

OPA192 pdf

LM101AH Datasheet PDF – Operational Amplifier

Part Number : LM101AH

Function : Operational Amplifier

Package : Metal Can Package

Manufacturers : Linear Technology


LM101AH OP Amp

Description :

The LM101A and LM107 are general purpose operational amplifiers, featuring low bias current and the ablity to operate with high input differential voltages up to 30 Volts. Unlike many FET input amplifers, the output of the LM101A / 107 does not reverse if the common mode range is exceeded, making them particularly useful in comparator and oscillator circuits.


1. 30 Volt Differential Input Range
2. 75 nA Input Bias Current
3. Wide Common Mode Voltage Range


1. Signal Conditioning Amplifies
2. Voltage Followers
3. Comparators

Pinouts :

LM101AH datasheet


Supply Voltage

LM101A / LM107 +-22Volts
LM301A / LM307 +-18Volts

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LM101AH Datasheet PDF Download

LM101AH pdf