74LS32 Datasheet – Quad 2-Input OR Gate

Part Number: 74LS32, HD74LS32, SN74LS32, DM74LS32

Function: Quad 2-Input OR Gate ( Low Power Schottky )

Package:  DIP 14 Pin

Manufacturer: Hitachi, Fairchild, Texas Instruments


74LS32 OR Gate



This device contains four independent gates each of which performs the logic OR function.



74LS32 datasheet pinout



1. Product: Single-Function Gate

2. Logic Function: OR

3. Logic Family: LS

4. Number of Gates : 4 Gate

5. Number of Input Lines : 2 Input

6. Number of Output Lines : 1 Output

7. High Level Output Current : – 16 mA

8. Low Level Output Current : 0.8 mA

9. Propagation Delay Time : 22 ns

10. Supply Voltage – Max : 5.25 V

11. Supply Voltage – Min: 4.75 V


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74LS32 Datasheet PDF Download


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SN74LS86 Datasheet – Quad 2-Input Exclusive OR Gates – TI

Part Number: SN74LS86


Package: PDIP, SOIC 14 Pin

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


SN74LS86 datasheet


These devices contain four independent 2-input Exclusive-OR gates. A common application is as a true / complement element. If one of the inputs is low, the other input will be reproduced in true form at the output. If one of the inputs is high, the signal on the other input will be reproduced inverted at the output.


Exclusive-OR logic

An exclusive-OR gate has many applications, some of which can be represented better by alternative logic symbols.

Other data sheets are available within the file: LS86A, SN74LS86AN, 74LS86A, 7486, SNJ54LS86AJ, SNJ54LS86AW

SN74LS86 Datasheet

SN74LS86 pdf


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