100301F Datasheet PDF – Triple 5-Input OR/NOR Gate

Part Number : 100301F

Function : Low Power Triple 5-Input OR/NOR Gate

Package : DIP 24, PLCC 24 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

100301F pinout


General Description

The 100301 is a monolithic triple 5-input OR/NOR gate. All inputs have 50 kΩ pull-down resistors and all outputs are buffered.


1. 23% power reduction of the 100101
2. 2000V ESD protection
3. Pin/function compatible with 100101
4. Voltage compensated operating range = – 4.2V to – 5.7V
5. Standard Microcircuit Drawing (SMD) 5962-9152801


Block Diagram

100301F datasheet

Other data sheets within the file : 100301

100301F Datasheet PDF Download

100301F pdf


74ABT32 Datasheet PDF – Quad 2-input OR gate – Philips

Part Number : 74ABT32

Function : Quad 2-input OR gate

Package : 14 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Philips Electronics

Pinouts :

74ABT32 datasheet

Description :

Quad 2-input OR gate – 14Pin LOGIC IC

Logic Diagram

74ABT32 logic diagram

Other data sheets within the file : 74ABT32D, 74ABT32DB, 74ABT32N, 74ABT32PW

74ABT32 Datasheet PDF Download

74ABT32 pdf

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