AN7591 Datasheet – Basic Audio output, SIP 12 Pin – Panasonic

Part Number: AN7591

Function: Basic Audio output.

Package: SIP 12 Pin

Manufacturer: Panasonic Corporation

Image :
AN7591 image

Circuit :

an7591 basic circuit


AN7591 datasheet


AN7591 Datasheet PDF Download

AN7591 pdf


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LA78040B Datasheet – Vertical Deflection Output IC – Sanyo

Part Number: LA78040B

Function: The Vertical Deflection Output IC With Bus Control Support for TVs and CRT Display

Package: 220-7H Type

Manufacturer: Sanyo


LA78040B Vertical Deflection Ouput IC


The LA78040B is a vertical deflection output IC for TVs and CRT displays with excellent image quality that use a BUS control system signal processing IC. This IC can drive the direct (even including a DC component) deflection yoke with the saw tooth wave output from the BUS control system signal processing IC.



LA78040B datasheet pinout



1. Low power dissipation due to built-in pump-up circuit
2. Vertical output circuit
3. Thermal protection circuit built in
4. Excellent crossover characteristics
5. DC coupling possible


Application Circuit

LA78040B circuit


LA78040B Datasheet


D78040 pdf