OZ9998BGN Datasheet – LED Controller

Partnumber : OZ9998BGN

Function : Four String High Power LED Controller

Package : 16 E-TSSOP, PDIP, QFN, SOP

Manufacturers : O2Micro


OZ9998BGN LED Controller


OZ9998BGN is a high effi ciency DC/DC controller that drives up to eight strings connected
in parallel confi guration with multiple LEDs in each string connected in series.
It provides four (4) LED current sense inputs in an “OR” confi guration to improve
backlight reliability. This allows the backlight to remain functioning in the event that a
string(s) is damaged during normal operation.
OZ9998B supports external Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) dimming control


OZ9998BGN datasheet pinout


1. High power DC/DC boost converter controller
2. Drives up to 4 strings in parallel, up to 160mA per string
3. Integrated LED current balance control circuit
4. External PWM dimming control
5. Time-shift PWM phase dimming control for low audible noise
6. MOSFET over-current protection
7. LED short circuit and open string protection
8. Thermal protection
9. LED fault status output


1. LCD Monitor


OZ9998BGN Datasheet

SSD1815B Datasheet PDF

Part Number : SSD1815B

Function : 1.8-3.5V LCD module

Manufacturers : Solomon Systech

Pinouts :

SSD1815B datasheet

Description :

SSD1815B is a single-chip CMOS LCD drivers with controllers for dot-matrix graphic liquid crystal display system. SSD1815B is capable to drive 132 Segments, 64 Commons and 1 icon line by its 197 high voltage driving output.

SSD1815B display data directly from their internal 132 x 65 bits Graphic Display Data RAM (GDDRAM). Data/Commands are sent from common MCU through 8-bit Parallel or Serial Interface. The selection of whether 6800- or 8080-series compatible
Parallel Interface or Serial Peripheral Interface is done by hardware pins configuration.

SSD1815B embeds a DC-DC Converter, an On-Chip Bias Divider and an On-Chip Oscillator which reduce the number of external components. With the advanced design on minimizing power consumption and die/package layout, SSD1815B is suit
able for any portable battery-driven applications requiring a long operation period with a compact size.

SSD1815B Datasheet PDF Download

SSD1815B pdf

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