40TTS12PBF Datasheet – 350A, 1200V, Phase Control SCR

Part Number : 40TTS12PBF

Function : 350A, 1200V, PHASE CONTROL SCR

Package : TO-220 Type

Manufacturers : International Rectifier, ( https://www.infineon.com/ )

Pinouts :

40TTS12PBF datasheet


Description :

The 40TTS12PbF SAFEIRseries of silicon controlled rectifiers are specifically designed for medium power switching and phase control applications. The glass passivation technology used has reliable operation up to 140°C junction temperature.

Typical applications are in input rectification (soft start) and these products are designed to be used with International Rectifier input diodes, switches and output rectifiers which are available in identical package outlines.

Applications :

Typical usage is in input rectification crowbar (soft start) and AC switch in motor control, UPS, welding, and battery charge


Other data sheets within the file : 40TTS12

40TTS12PBF Datasheet PDF Download

40TTS12PBF pdf


ST300C Datasheet – 560A, Phase Control Thyristor SCR

Part Number : ST300C

Function : PHASE CONTROL THYRISTORS / Hockey Puk Version

Package : TO-220AC ( B-PUK )

Manufacturers : International Rectifier, ( https://www.infineon.com/ )

Pinouts :

ST300C datasheet


Description :

1. Center amplifying gate
2. Metal case with ceramic insulator
3. International standard case TO-200AC (B-PUK)

Ordering Information

ST300C SCR Thyristor

Typical Applications

1. DC motor controls
2. Controlled DC power supplies
3. AC controllers


ST300C Datasheet PDF

ST300C pdf

Other data sheets within the file :

ST300C04L1 : 400V
ST300C08L1 : 800V
ST300C12L1 : 1200V
ST300C16L1 : 1600V
ST300C18L1 : 1800V
ST300C20L1 : 2000V

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