74ABT32 Datasheet PDF – Quad 2-input OR gate – Philips

Part Number : 74ABT32

Function : Quad 2-input OR gate

Package : 14 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Philips Electronics

Pinouts :

74ABT32 datasheet

Description :

Quad 2-input OR gate – 14Pin LOGIC IC

Logic Diagram

74ABT32 logic diagram

Other data sheets within the file : 74ABT32D, 74ABT32DB, 74ABT32N, 74ABT32PW

74ABT32 Datasheet PDF Download

74ABT32 pdf

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TDA9381PS Datasheet – DIP 64, TV signal processor – Philips

Part Number : TDA9381PS

Function : TV signal processor-Teletext decoder

Package : DIP 64 Pin

Manufacturers : Philips Electronics

Image :

TDA9381 image

Description :

The various versions of theTDA935X/6X/8X PS/N2 series combine the functions of a TV signal processor together with aµ-Controller and US Closed Caption decoder. Most versions have a Teletext decoder on board. The Teletext decoder has an internal RAM memory for 1or 10 page text. The ICs are intended to be used in economy television receivers with 90°and 110°picture tubes. The ICs have supply voltages of 8 V and 3.3 V and they are mounted in S-DIP envelope with 64 pins.

Pinout :

TDA9381PS Pinout
TDA9381PS Datasheet
Other data sheets within the file : TDA9381PS/NS

TDA9381PS Datasheet

TDA9381PS pdf

TDA9381 Datasheet

TDA9381 pdf