PC922 Datasheet PDF – Photocoupler – Sharp

Part Number : PC922

Function : High Power OPIC Photocoupler

Package : DIP 8 Pin

Manufacturers : Sharp Electronics

Pinouts :
PC922 datasheet

Description :

1. Built-in base amplifier for inverter drive

2. High power (I o1: MAX. 0.5A (DC) ) (I o2p: MAX. 2.0A (pulse) )

3. High isolation voltage between input and output ( Viso: 5 000Vrms)

4. High noise reduction type

5. High speed response (tPHL, t PLH : MAX. 5µs)

6. High sensitivity (IFLH : MAX. 3mA )

7. Recognized by UL, file No. E64380


1. Inverter controlled air conditioners
2. Small capacitance general purpose inverters

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PC922 Datasheet PDF Download

PC922 pdf

ICE1QS01 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : ICE1QS01
Function : Controller for Switch Mode Power Supplies Supporting Low Power Standby and Power Factor Correction
Manufacturers : Infineon Technologies

Pinouts :
ICE1QS01 datasheet

Description :

ICE10S01 -> Correct Part Number : ICE1QS01

The ICE1QS01 is optimized to control free running flyback converters with and without Power Factor Correction (with PFC Charge Pump).

The switching frequency is reduced in small steps with decreasing load towards a minimum of 20 kHz in standby mode. This function is performed by a digital circuit to avoid any jitter also with periodically pulsed loads. To provide extremely low power consumption at light loads, this device can be switched into Standby Burst Mode. This is also possible without standby control signal (for adapter application).

Datasheet PDF Download

ICE1QS01 pdf

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