HC-SR501 PDF – PIR Sensor, Motion Detector

Part Number : HC-SR501

Function : PIR Sensor, Motion Detector

Package : Module type

Manufactures : ETC

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PIR Sensor (HC-SR501) Introduction Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensors are used to detect motion based on the infrared heat in the surrounding area. This makes them a popular choice when building a system to detect potential intruders or people in general. These sensors can take for 10-60 seconds to warm up, so try to avoid motion during that time. Parts • • • Arduino PIR Sensor Wires Schematic Below is the schematic for using a PIR sensor. It is fairly simple. Code Adafruit has a really good tutorial for how these sensors are used and various projects for them. Below is the code for working with a PIR sensor. It should be noted that the PIR sensor does not respond immediately when motion stops. This has to do with the two potentiameters on the sensor. Free Datasheet http://www.datasheet-pdf.com/ int pirPin = 8; int val; void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); } void loop() { val = digitalRead(pirPin); //read state of the PIR if (val == LOW) { Serial.println(“No motion”); //if the value read is low, there was no motion } else { Serial.println(“Motion!”); //if the value read was high, there was motion } delay(1000); } Free Datasheet http://www.datasheet-pdf.com/ […]

HC-SR501 Datasheet

MR-SHPC-01V2-F Datasheet PDF

Part Number : MR-SHPC-01V2-F

Function : Hitachi SH microcomputer PC card controller LSI “MR-SHPC family

Manufacturers : Unspecified

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MR-SHPC-01V2-F datasheet


Description :

1. Built-endian control circuit built-in
2. 5.0V/3.3V card correspondence external buffer read / write buffer Built-in card access timing adjustment function built-in one stage I / O window and a single memory window of two unnecessary or interrupt steering function built-in power-down function suspend Built

Other data sheets within the file : MR-SHPC-01V2, MR-SHPC-01V2B, MR-SHPC-01V2B-F, MR-SHPC-01V2T

MR-SHPC-01V2-F Datasheet PDF Download

MR-SHPC-01V2-F pdf