HLK-PM01 Datasheet PDF – 3W, AC-DC Power Module Supply

Part Number : HLK-PM01

Function : 3W, AC-DC Power Module Supply

Package : PCB 4 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Shenzhen Hi-Link Electronic Co.Ltd

Image :

HLK-PM01 datasheet pdf

Description :

HLK-PM01 is 3W, AC-DC Power Module Supply. The 3W ultra-small series module power supply is a small-volume, high-efficiency AC DC power odule supply designed by Shenzhen Hi-Link Electronics Co.,Ltd. It has the advantages of global input voltage range, low temperature rise, low power consumption,high efficiency, high reliability and high safety isolation. It has been widely used in smart home, automation control, communications equipment, instrumentation and other industries.

Pinouts :

HLK-PM01 pinout


Features :

1. Ultra-thin, ultra-small, smallest volume

2. Global universal input voltage(90~265Vac)

3. Low power consumption, green environmental protection, no-load loss<0.1W

4. Low ripple, low noise

5. High output short circuit and over-current protection and self recovery

6. High efficiency, high power density

7. Input and output isolation voltage 3000Vac

Applications :

Other data sheets within the file : HLK-PM03, HLK-PM09, HLK-PM12, HLK-PM15, HLK-PM24



HLK-PM01 Datasheet PDF Download

HLK-PM01 pdf

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SWS300 Datasheet PDF – Power Supply Module

Part Number : SWS300

Function : Single Output General Purpose Power Supply

Dimensions :

1. Width(W) : 52mm Nom. (2.05in Nom.)
2. Height(H) : 102mm Nom. (4.02in Nom.)
3. Depth(D) : 198mm Nom. (7.80in Nom.)
4. Weight : 950g Typ. (2.1lbs Typ.)

Manufacturers : TDK Corporation , TDK-Lamda

Image :

SWS300 datasheet



1. Low Cost

2. Active Power Factor Correction

3. Universal Input (85 – 265VAC)

4. Input Transient Protected IEC61000-4

5. SEMI F47 Certified (208VAC Input)

6. Global safety Approvals

7. Level B EMI


Electrical Characteristics

1. Input : Single-phase
2. Input Voltage Range [AC] : 85 to 265Vac
3. Input Voltage Range[DC] : 120 to 370Vdc
4. Efficiency : 84% Typ.

Other data sheets within the file :  SWS600-12, SWS600-15, SWS600-24, SWS600-3

SWS300 Datasheet PDF Download

SWS300 pdf

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