C1093 Datasheet – Adjustable Precision Shunt Regulator

This is one of the Shunt Regulator types.

Part Number : C1093

Function : Adjustable Precision Shunt Regulator

Package : TO-92, SOT-89 Type

Manufacturers : Renesas Electronics

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C1093 Pinouts

C1093 datasheet

Description :

The uPC1093, C1093 are adjustable precision shunt regulators with guaranteed thermal stability. The output voltage can be set to any value between reference voltage (2.495 V) and 36 V by two external resistors.

These ICs can apply to error amplifier of switching regulators.


1. High Accuracy VREF = 2.495 V ± 2 %
2. Low Temperature Coefficient DVREF/DT £ 100 ppm/°C
3. Adjustable Output Voltage by two External Resistors VREF £ VO £ 36 V
4. Low Dynamic Impedance | ZKA | = 0.1 WTYP.

Other data sheets within the file : UPC1093, C1093G, C1093J, C1093T, C1093TA

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C1093 pdf


REF01 Datasheet – 10V Precision Voltage Reference

Part Number : REF01

Function : +10V Precision Voltage Reference

Package : TO-99, 8 Pin ( DIP, SOIC )

Manufacturers : Analog Devices

Pinouts :

REF01 datasheet


GENERAL Description

The REF01 precision voltage reference providesa stable 10V output that can be adjusted over a 3% range withminimal effect on temperature stability.Single-supply operation over an input voltage range of12 V to 40 V,a low current drain of 1 mA, and excellent temperature stability are achieved with an improved band gap design. Low cost, low noise, and low power make the REF01 an excellent choice whenever a stable voltage reference is required. Applications include DACs and ADCs, portable instrumentation, and digital voltmeters. Fullmilitary temperature range devices with screening to MIL-STD-883 are available. Fornew designs, refer to ADR01.


1. 10 V output, ±0.3% maximum
2. Adjustment range, ±3% minimum
3. Excellenttemperature stability, 8.5 ppm/°C maximum
4. Low noise, 30 µV p-p maximum
5. Low supply current, 1.4 mAmaximum
6. Wide inputvoltage range, 12 Vto40 V
7. High load driving capability, 10 mA
8. No external components
9. Short-circuit proof


1. Precision data systems
2. High resolution converters
3. Industrial process control systems
4. Precision instruments
5. Military and aerospace applications

Other data sheets within the file : REF01AJ/883C, REF01AZ/883C, REF01CJ, REF01CP

REF01 Datasheet PDF

REF01 pdf