C1093 Datasheet – Adjustable Precision Shunt Regulator

This is one of the Shunt Regulator types.

Part Number: C1093

Function: Adjustable Precision Shunt Regulator

Package: TO-92, SOT-89 Type

Manufacturer: Renesas Electronics

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C1093 Pinouts

C1093 datasheet


The uPC1093, C1093 are adjustable precision shunt regulators with guaranteed thermal stability. The output voltage can be set to any value between reference voltage (2.495 V) and 36 V by two external resistors.

These ICs can apply to error amplifier of switching regulators.


1. High Accuracy VREF = 2.495 V ± 2 %
2. Low Temperature Coefficient DVREF/DT £ 100 ppm/°C
3. Adjustable Output Voltage by two External Resistors VREF £ VO £ 36 V
4. Low Dynamic Impedance | ZKA | = 0.1 WTYP.

Other data sheets are available within the file: UPC1093, C1093G, C1093J, C1093T, C1093TA

C1093 Datasheet PDF Download

C1093 pdf


REF02 Datasheet – Precision 5V Voltage Reference – AD

Part Number: REF02

Function: +5V Precision Voltage Reference

Package: 8 Pin ( DIP ), TO-99, 20 Pin LCC Type

Manufacturer: Analog Devices


REF02 Voltage Reference



GENERAL Description

The REF02 precision voltage reference providesa stable 5V output that can be adjustedover a ±6% range with minimal effect on temperature stability. Single-supply operation over an input voltage range of 7 V to40 V, low current drain of1 mA, and excellent temperature stability are achieved with an improvedband gap design. Lowcost, low noise,and low power make the REF02 an excellent choice when ever a stable voltage referenceisre quired. Applications include DACs and ADCs, portable instrumentation, and digital volt meters. The versatility of the REF02 is enhanced by its use as a monolithic temperature transducer. For new designs, refer to the ADR02.


REF02 datasheet


1. 5 V output : ±0.3% maximum
2. Temperature voltage output : 1.96 mV/°C
3. Adjustmentrange : ±3%minimum
4. Excellent temperature stability : 8.5 ppm/°C maximum
5. Low noise : 15µV p-p maximum
6. Low supply current : 1.4 mA maximum
7. Wide input voltage range : 7 V to 40 V
8. Highload-drivingcapability : 10 mA
9. No external components
10. Short-circuit proof

@ VIN= 15 V, TA= 25°C, unless otherwise noted.


1. Precision data systems
2. High resolution converters
3. Industrial process control systems
4. Precision instruments
5. Military and aerospace applications

Other data sheets are available within the file: REF02AJ/883C, REF02AZ, REF02AZ/883C, REF02CJ

REF02 Datasheet PDF Download

REF02 pdf