SPHE8202TQ Datasheet – DVD Single Chip – Sunplus

Part Number : SPHE8202TQ

Function : DVD Single Chip MPEG A/V Processor

Package : LQFP128 PinType

Manufactures : Sunplus Technology


SPHE8202TQ datasheet


SPHE8202TQ A/V decoder is a single-chip integrated DVD A/V decoder. It is designed to maximize system performance with minimum cost. It integrates DVD/CD controller, host processor, A/V decoding hardware, audio quality DAC and a 6-channel multi-format TV-encoder.


SPHE8202TQ pinout


1. Support MPEG4
2. Support USB 2.0 (Full Speed)
3. Support 3in1 Card Reader (SD, MS, MS-pro, MMC)
4. SDRAM: Support 16 M bits to 256 M bits, with 16 bits mode
5. ROM/FLASH: Support SPI flash
6. Support IR / VFD interface
7. Support SUNIF interface
8. Support 8bits and full color Native Game pad

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SPHE8202TQ Datasheet PDF

SPHE8202TQ pdf

TDA8375A Datasheet – PAL/NTSC and NTSC TV Processor

Part Number : TDA8375A

Function : I2C-bus Controlled Economy PAL/NTSC and NTSC TV-processor

Package :  DIP 56 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Philips Semiconductor, NXP

Images :
TDA8375A datasheet processor

Description :

The various versions of the TDA837x series are I2C-bus controlled single-chip TV processors which are intended to be applied in PAL/NTSC (TDA8374 and TDA8375) and NTSC (TDA8373 and TDA8377) television receivers.


1. Vision IF amplifier with high sensitivity and good figures for differential phase and gain
2. PLL demodulator for the IF signal
3. Alignment-free sound demodulator
4. Flexible source selection with a CVBS input for the internal signal and Y/C or CVBS input for the external
5. Audio switch
6. The output signal of the CVBS (Y/C) switch is externally available

Pinout :

TDA8375A pinout

Synchronization circuit

The sync separator is preceded by a controlled amplifier which adjusts the sync pulse amplitude to a fixed level. These pulses are fed to the slicing stage which operates at 50% of the amplitude.

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TDA8375A Datasheet PDF


TDA8375A pdf