TDA9552H/N3/3/1623 – TV Signal Processor-Teletext decoder

Part Number : TDA9552H/N3/3/1623

Function : TV signal processor-Teletext decoder

Package : QFP 80 Pin

Manufactures : Philips

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TDA9552H-N3-3-1623 datasheet


Description :

The various versions of the TDA955X/6X/8X H/N1 series combine the functions of a video processor together with a µ-Controller and US Closed Caption decoder. Most
versions have a Teletext decoder on board. The Teletext decoder has an internal RAM memory for 1or 10 page text. The ICs are intended to be used in economy television
receivers with 90° and 110° picture tubes.




TDA9552H pinout



1. TV-signal processor
(1) Multi-standard vision IF circuit with alignment-free PLL demodulator
(2) Internal (switchable) time-constant for the IF-AGC circuit
(3) The QSS and mono FM functionality are both available so that an FM/AM TV receiver can be built without the use of additional ICs
(4) The mono intercarrier sound circuit has a selective FM-PLL demodulator which can be switched to the different FM sound frequencies (4.5/5.5/6.0/6.5 MHz). The quality of this system is such that the external band-pass filters can be omitted.



TDA9552H/N3/3/1623 Datasheet

LA76810 Datasheet – Color TV signal-processing IC – Sanyo

Part Number : LA76810

Function : Color TV signal-processing IC

Package : DIP 54 Pin Type

Manufacturers : SANYO

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LA76810 image

Description :

LA76810 is a VIF/SIF/Y/Deflection 1chip IC for PAL/NTSC color television sets.

As generation after generation of color TV signal-processing IC is developed, and as rationalization progresses in the design of these ICs, the companies that produce these ICs find themselves in a battle not just for market share, but for their very survival. TV manufacturers, who are facing the rapid collapse of prices in consumer products, now strongly desire both support for global products and reduced total costs in the ICs for these products. To respond to these needs, Sanyo has developed the LA76810 Series of single-chip color TV signal-processing ICs.

Features for LA76810

1. Global Product Support (Pin to Pin Structure)

There are now three formats used for color TV broadcasts: PAL, NTSC, and SECAM. Since the signal processing required for these formats differs, it has been necessary to design printed circuit boards using different ICs for these different signal formats. However, since the LA76810 Series ICs are formed with a pin to pin structure as the pin arrangement, these products allow sharing of the printed circuit board circuit constants and layout, the items that make up the customer’s design know-how.

(1) LA76810: Multi-format support (PAL, NTSC, and SECAM)
(2) LA76812: PAL and NTSC support

LA76810 Specifications


1. VIF/SIF/Y/Deflection Implemented in a 1chip.
2. I2C Bus Control


LA76810 Datasheet Pinout



Reference Datasheet :


LA76810 Datasheet PDF Download

LA76810 pdf