SPHE8202A PDF – DVD Single Chip MPEG A/V Processor

Part Number : SPHE8202A

Function : DVD Single Chip MPEG A/V Processor

Package : LQFP 216 Pin Type

Manufactures : Sunplus Technology

Images :

SPHE8202A pinout datasheet

Description :

SPHE8200A A/V decoder is a single-chip integrated DVD A/V decoder. It performs real-time decoding and playback of ISO/IEC 11172 MPEG1 and 13818 MPEG2 stream for multiple bitstream sources.

SPHE8200 is designed to maximize system performance with minimum cost. For typical DVD application it integrates DVD/CD servo controller, multi-channel multi-format TV-encoder and audio quality ADC, with high quality 5.1ch Audio, or low cost 2-ch AC3 system.

Features :

1. Single Chip Integrated DVD Servo and A/V Decoder

2. Integrated DVD/CD Servo Controller
(1) Support 1x ~ 2x DVD format reading
(2) Support 1x ~ 16x CD format reading

3. Embedded 32-bit RISC Processor without external host controller

4. Embedded Audio Processor supports multiple audio standards

5. Embedded I/O processor supports programmable interface control

6. Embedded TV encoder with multi-channel built-in high-speed video DAC supports various display standards

7. Embedded audio ADC supports stereo analog audio input

8. Built-in system PLL and audio PLL generate all clock sources required from single 27MHz input

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SPHE8202A Datasheet

MSM8225Q Specs and Reviews – Qualcomm Snapdragon

Part Number : MSM8225Q

Function : Average performing CPU with a maximum clock speed of 1,400.00 MHz

Manufacturers : Qualcomm


MSM8225Q Qualcomm Snapdragon

Description :

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 MSM8225Q has an average performing CPU with a maximum clock speed of 1,400.00 MHz. It has 4 cores, resulting in extremely efficient multi-tasking when compared to dual core processors.

This processor is based on the Reduced Instruction Set Computing (RISC) design strategy enabling instructions to execute faster, as opposed to the Complex Instruction Set Computing (CISC) design strategy, which is generally slower at executing due to lengthy instructions.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 MSM8225Q has a specialized digital signal microprocessor that is used for the low-power operation of a device in applications that deal with analog signals such as audio, video, and mobile broadband signals. Each analog signal is converted into a digital signal that is then processed by the DSP at a lower latency (relative to the CPU running the same digital signal processing algorithm), thus improving performance.


1. CPU Clock Speed : 1,400Mhz

2. CPU Cores : 4

3. Primary CPU : ARM Cortex-A5

4. Word Length : 32 bit

5. Data Bus : 32 bit

Official Homepage

1. New Snapdragon S4 Play MSM8225Q

Reference Site

1. MediaTek MT6588 vs Qualcomm MSM8225Q 

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