POS-9-S Datasheet PDF – Power Outlet Strip Surge Protect

Part Number: POS-9-S

Function: Racks & Rack Cabinet Accessories 9 OUTLET STRIP

Manufacturer: Unspecified

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POS-9-S datasheet



Power Outlet Strip Surge Protect, Provides protection to data or word processing equipment and other sensitive electrical equipment from sudden spikes or high energy voltage. Prevents equipment damage, lost or distorted data.

Panel Space:  60 in
Color:  Gray
Unit Weight:  2 kg
Other data sheets are available within the file: POS-11-S, POS-6, POS-66, POS-7-S

POS-9-S Datasheet PDF Download

POS-9-S pdf

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MP3389EF Datasheet – 12-Channel, Step-up White LED Driver

Part Number: MP3389EF, 3389EF

Function: 12-String, Step-up White LED Driver

Package: TSSOP28 type

Manufacturer: MPS ( Monolithic Power Systems )


MP3389EF controller


The MP3389EF is a step-up controller with 12-channel current sources designed for driving the WLED arrays for large size LCD panel backlighting applications. The MP3389 uses current mode, fixed frequency
architecture. The switching frequency is programmable by an external frequency setting resistor. It drives an external MOSFET to boost up the output voltage from a 5V to 28V input supply. The MP3389 regulates the current in each LED string to the programmed value set by an external current setting resistor.


MP3389EF pinout protect


1. High Efficiency and Small Size
2. 5V to 28V Input Voltage Range
3. Balanced Driver for 12 Strings of WLEDs
4. Maximum 60mA for Each String
5. Programmable Switching Frequency
6. PWM or DC Input Burst PWM Dimming
7. Open and Short LED protection


1. Desktop LCD Flat Panel Displays
2. Flat Panel Video Displays
3. LCD TVs and Monitors

Other data sheets are available within the file: MP3389, MP3389EY ( SOIC 28 )

MP3389EF Datasheet PDF Download

MP3389EF pdf


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