SN74LS02N Datasheet PDF – Quad 2-Input NOR Gate

Part Number : SN74LS02N


Package : DIP 14 Pin

Manufacturers : ON Semiconductor

Pinouts :
SN74LS02N datasheet

Description :

These devices contain four independent 2-input NOR Gates.

1. Voltage – Supply 4.75V ~ 5.25V
2. Current – Output High, Low 400µA, 8mA
3. Logic Level – Low 0.8V
4. Logic Level – High 2V
5. Max Propagation Delay @ V, Max CL 15ns @ 5V, 15pF
6. Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 70°C

Function Table ( Truth Table )

A  B  Y

H  X  L

X  H  L

L   L  H

Other data sheets within the file : SN74LS02, SN74LS02D, SN74LS02DR2, 74LS02, 7402

SN74LS02N Datasheet PDF Download

SN74LS02N pdf


FZH111A Datasheet – Quad 2-input NAND Gate – Siemens

Part Number : FZH111A

Function : Quad 2-input NAND Gate

Package : DIP 16P

Manufacturers : Siemens AG

Image :


Description :

The chips used DTL (Diode-Transistor Logic) which was a predessesor of of the TTL (Transistor-Transistor-Logic) manufactured in the late 60s. If neccesary I could provide basic data and pinout from an old Valvo databook but it might take some days to find it.


FZH111A pinout

FZH111A datasheet

Reference page :



FZH111A Datasheet

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