QN8075 Datasheet PDF – Single-Chip Low-Power FM Receiver

Part Number : QN8075

Function : Single-Chip Low-Power FM Receiver for Portable Devices

Package : SOP, SSOP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Quintic Corporation

Images :

QN8075 datasheet receiver

Description :

The QN8075 is a high performance, low power; full-featured single-chip stereo FM receiver designed for mini-speakers, MP3 players. It integrates FM receive functions, auto-seek and clear channel scan. Advanced digital architecture enables superior receiver sensitivity and crystal clear audio.
With its small footprint, minimal external component count and multiple crystal clock frequency support, the QN8075 is easy to integrate into a variety of small form-factor low power portable applications.

Pinout :

QN8075 pinout


1. Worldwide FM Band Coverage
2. Very Low Power Consumption
3. Direct Earphone Driving
4. Volume Control
5. High Performance
6. 1 KHz Tone Generator Inside


1. Portable Audio & Media Players
2. Portable radios
3. Mini-speakers

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QN8075 Datasheet PDF


QN8075 pdf

TEA5710 Datasheet PDF – AM/FM Radio Receiver IC

Part Number : TEA5710

Function : AM/FM Radio Receiver IC

Package : DIP 24 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Philips Electronics

Pinouts :
TEA5710 datasheet

Description :

The TEA5710 is a high performance Bimos IC for use in AM/FM radios. All necessary functions are integrated : from AM and FM front-end to detector output stages.

1. Wide supply voltage range : 2.0 to 12 V
2. Low current consumption : 7.5 mA at AM, 9.0 mA at FM
3. High selectivity with distributed IF gain
4. LED driver for tuning indication
5. High input sensitivity : 1.6 mV/m (AM), 2.0µV (FM) for 26 dB S/N
6. Good strong signal behaviour : 10 V/m at AM, 500 mV at FM
7. Low output distortion : 0.8% at AM, 0.3% at FM
8. Designed for simple and reliable PC-board layout
9. High impedance MOSFET input on AM

Block Diagram


1. Portable AM/FM radio
2. Clock radio
3. Personal headphone radio

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TEA5710 Datasheet PDF Download

TEA5710 pdf