CHQ1838 PDF Datasheet – Infrared Receiver Module

Part Number: CHQ1838

Function: Infrared Receiver Module

Manufacturer: CHQ

Images:CHQ1838 pinout datasheet


CHQ1838 is Infrared Receiver Module. An infrared receiver module, often simply referred to as an IR receiver module, is an electronic component used to receive and demodulate infrared (IR) signals. These modules are commonly used in various applications, including remote control systems, data communication, and sensing devices.



1. Small design

2. Built-in dedicated IC

3. Wide angle and long distance reception

4. Strong anti-dry ability

5. Can withstand the influence of ambient light

6. Low voltage work


CHQ1838 pdf


1. Audio-visual equipment (audio, television, video recorder, disc player)

2. Home appliances (air conditioners, fans, lamps)

3. Other infrared remote control products;


CHQ1838 PDF Datasheet

SYN470R PDF Datasheet – 300-450MHz ASK Receiver

ASK stands for “Amplitude Shift Keying,” which is a modulation technique used in communication systems. ASK receivers are devices designed to demodulate signals that have been modulated using amplitude shift keying.

In ASK modulation, the amplitude of the carrier signal is varied to transmit digital data. When the carrier amplitude is high, it represents one state (usually a logic “1”), and when the carrier amplitude is low or zero, it represents the other state (usually a logic “0”).

Part Number: SYN470R

Function: 300-450MHz ASK Receiver

Package: SOP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Synoxo

Images:SYN470R pdf


The SYN470R is a single chip ASK/OOK (ON-OFF Keyed) RF receiver IC. This device is a true
“antenna-in to data-out” monolithic device. All RF and IF tuning are accomplished automatically
within the IC which eliminates manual tuning and reduces production costs. The result is a highly
reliable yet low cost solution.


1. 300MHz to 440MHz frequency range

2. High receiver sensitivity: -106dBm (315MHz), -107dBm (433MHz)

3. Data-rate up to 10kbps (fixed-mode)

4. Low Power Consumption

5. 2.5mA fully operational (315MHz)

6. 0.9µA in shutdown

7. 250µA in polled operation (10:1 duty-cycle)

8. Wake-up output flag to enable decoders and microprocessors

9. Very low RF re-radiation at the antenna

10. Highly integrated with extremely low external part count


SYN470R datasheet receiver


1. Automotive Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)

2. Remote controls

3. Remote fan and light control

4. Garage door and gate openers […]


SYN470R PDF Datasheet