BGO847 Datasheet PDF – Optical Receiver Module

Part Number : BGO847

Function : 870 MHz Optical Receiver

Package : SOT115T package

Manufacturers : Philips Electronics


BGO847 Optical Receiver



Description :

High dynamic range optical receiver amplifier module in a standard SOT115T package where the non-jacketed fibre has no connector.

The amplifier supply voltage pin and the photo diode bias voltage pin both connect to 24 V (DC).
The module has a monomode optical input suitable for 1290 to 1600 nm wavelengths, a terminal to monitor the photo diode current and an electrical output having a characteristic impedance of 75Ω.

Pinouts :

BGO847 datasheet

Key benefits

1. Hybrid amplifier offering excellent performance and consistency, tuned via optical input and electrical output
2. Optimized for better flatness
3. Hermetically sealed photo diode
4. Low cost solution that delivers better performance than discrete solutions
5. Three versions available: no connector, SC APC connector and FC APC connector

Key features

1. Plug & play integrated solution
2. Small size
3. Short time-to-market
4. Low total cost of ownership
5. Built-in temperature compensation

Other data sheets within the file : BGO847/FC0

BGO847 Datasheet PDF Download

BGO847 pdf


VS838 Datasheet – Infrared Receiver Module – LFN

Part Number : VS838

Function : Infrared Receiver Module

Package : 3 Pin Lead Type

Manufactures : LFN ( )

Image :




The VS838 includes a high-speed, high-sensitivity PIN photodiode and a low-power, high-gain preamplifier IC in an epoxy-encapsulated package. The product has been certified to REACH and SGS as an environmentally friendly product and used as a receiver in an infrared remote control system.





1. Epoxy plastic encapsulation;
2. Wide operating voltage, 2.7-5.5V;
3. Low power consumption; wide angle and long distance reception;
4. Anti-dry ability, able to withstand the environment dry scratch;
5. Output match TTL, CMOS level, active low.
6. High immunity agaist ambient light


Application Circuit




1. Audio-visual equipment (speakers, TV, DVD, satellite receivers, etc.)
2. Household appliances (air conditioning, electric fans, lighting, etc.)
3. Other infrared remote control products.
4. Remote control for wireless devices


VS838 Datasheet