DD1200 Datasheet – 12KV, Fast Recovery Diode

This post explains for the semiconductor DD1200.

The Part Number is DD1200.

The function of this semiconductor is High Voltage Diode (spec sheet).

Manufacturers : Semtech Electronics

Images :

DD1200 diode datasheet

Description :

Fast Recovery High Voltage Silicon Rectifier

(1) Nominal Current : 20mA

(2) Repetitive peak reverse voltage : 12000V

DD1200 spec


2 page

DD1200 Datasheet

BYX71 Datasheet PDF – Fast Soft-Recovery Rectifier Diode

Part Number : BYX71

Function : Fast Soft-Recovery Rectifier Diode

Package :  SOD-38 Type

Manufacturers : ETC

Images :

BYX71 datasheet diode

Description :

Silicon double-diffused rectifier diodes in plastic envelopes. They are intended for use in chopper applications as well as switched-mode power supplies, as efficiency diodes and scan rectifiers in television receivers. The devices featurenon-snap-off characteristics. Normal and reverse polarity types are available.

Pinout :

BYX71 pinout diode

Mechanical Data

1. Net mass : 2,5 g
2. Recommended diameter of fixing screw : 3,5 mm
3. Torque on screw
when using washer and heats ink compound:

(1) min. 0,95 Nm (9,5 kg cm)
(2) max. 1,5 Nm (15 kg cm)



1. Soldered joints must be at least 2,5 mm from the seal.
2. The maximum permissible temperature of the soldering iron or bath is 270 °C;
contact with the joint must not exceed 3 seconds.
3. The device should not be immersed in oil, and few potting resins are suitable for
re-encapsulation. Advice on these materials is available on request.
4. Leads should not be bent less than 2,5 mm from the seal; exert no axial pull when
5. For good thermal contact heatsink compound should be used between base-plate and
heats ink.

Other data sheets within the file : BYX71-350, BYX71-600, BYX71-350R, BYX71-600R

BYX71 Datasheet PDF

BYX71 pdf