LP8755 Datasheet – 6-Core Step-Down Converter

Part Number : LP8755

Function : Multi-Phase 6-Core Step-Down Converter

Package : 49-Bump 0.4 mm Pitch DSBGA Type

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

LP8755 datasheet

Description :

The LP8755 is designed to meet the power management requirements of the latest applications processors in mobile phones and similar portable applications. The device contains six step-down DC/DC converter cores, which are bundled together in a 6-phase buck converter. The device is fully controlled by a SmartReflex™-compatible interface or an I2C-compatible serial interface.

LP8755 Datasheet PDF Download

LP8755 pdf

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1A52 Datasheet PDF – Reed Switch ( 50W, 250V )

Part Number : 1A52

Function : SWITCH REED 250VDC 50W AXL

Package : Axial Type

Manufacturers : MEDER electronic

Image :

1A52 datasheet


Description :

The KSK-1A52 is a high power reed switch with glass length of 21.0mm and diameter of 2.75mm. Rated power 50 W, Switching voltage 250 VDC, Switching current 0.7 Amp DC.

– Glass length of 21 mm and diameter of 2.75 mm
– Normally open 1 Form A contact
– High breakdown voltage of 600 VDC


1. Overall Length mm (inches) : 55.4 (2.181)
2. Glass Length Max. mm (inches) : 21.0 (0.826)
3. Glass Dia. Max. mm (inches) : 2.75 (0.108)
4. Lead Dia. mm (inches) : 0.6 (0.023)
5. Contact Form : 1A (SPST) Normally Open (N.O.)
6. Pull-In Range : 15-70 AT
7. Rated Power Max. : 50W/250VDC/0.7 Amp DC


1. Position Sensor
2. Valve Detection
3. Level Sensor & Others

Other data sheets within the file : KSK-1A52, KSK-1A52-2530

1A52 Datasheet PDF Download

1A52 pdf

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