STR-W6253D Datasheet PDF – PWM Switching Regulator

Part Number : STR-W6253D

Function : PWM Off-Line Switching Regulator IC

Package : TO-220F-6L Type

Manufacturers : Sanken Electric co.,ltd.

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STR-W6253D datasheet

Description :

STR-W6200D series are power ICs for switching power supplies, incorporating a power MOSFET and a current mode PWM controller IC in one package. Including a startup circuit and a standby function in the controller, the product achieves low power consumption, low standby power, and high cost-effectiveness in power supply systems, while reducing external components.


1. TO-220 fully-molded package with 6 pins
2. Current mode PWM control
3. PWM and frequency modulation functions: reduces EMI noise, simplifies EMI filters, and cuts cost by external part reduction
4. Built-in Slope Compensation circuit: avoids subharmonic oscillation


1. Consumer electronics
2. Office automation
3. Industrial equipment
4. Communication equipment

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STR-W6253D Datasheet PDF Download

STR-W6253D pdf


STR53041 Datasheet PDF – Hybrid Voltage Regulator – Sanken

Part Number : STR53041

Function : Hybrid IC Voltage Regulator

Package : SIP 5 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Sanken Electric co.,ltd.

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STR53041 datasheet


Description :

1. Hybrid voltage regulator module with a triple diffused planar transistor incorporated.
2. For TV switch mode power supply application.
3. Fixed output voltage.

Absolute maximum ratings ( 25°C )

1. Maximum Peak Input Voltage : VIN = 550 V
2. Input Current : IIN = 6 A
3. Maximum Power Dissipation : PD =  27 W(Tc=100°C)

Pinout and Equivalent Circuit


Reference Site :

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STR53041 Datasheet PDF Download

STR53041 pdf