RX-2B Datasheet – Remote Controller – Silans Semiconductors

Part Number : RX-2B, TX-2B

Function : Remote Controller With Five Functions

Package : DIP 16 Pin type

Manufactures : Silans Semiconductors

RX-2B Image


The device is a pair of CMOS LSIs designed for remote controlled car applications. The device has five control keys for controlling the motions ( i.e. forward, backward, rightward, leftward and the turbo function ) of the remoter controlled car.

Block Diagram and pinout

RX-2B Datasheet


1. Wide operating voltage range ( Vcc = 1.5 ~ 5.0V )
2. Low stand-by current
3. Auto-power-off function for TX-2B
4. Few external components are needed


TX-2B Circuit

Reference Site


RX-2B Datasheet


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BA8206BA4 Datasheet PDF – Remote Fan Controller

Part Number : BA8206BA4

Function : Remote Control Fan Controller

Manufacturers : BEC

Package : DIP 16 Pin

Image : BA8206BA4 Image


BA8206BA4 Datasheet

BA8206BA4 Datasheet

BA8206 BA4 is designed specifically for Remote Control Fan Controller IC.

1. Power supply voltage: -0.3V ~ 6V;
2. Input / output voltage: Vss-0.3 ~ VDD + 0.3V;
3. power consumption: 500mW;
4. Working temperature: -10 ~ 70 ‘C
5. Storage temperature: -40 ~ 125 ‘C.