4609X-101 Datasheet – Resistor Networks & Arrays

Part Number : 4609X-101

Function : 4600X Series – Thick Film Conformal SIP

Manufacturers : Bourns, Inc

Pinouts :

4609X-101 datasheet


Description :

1. RoHS compliant
2. Low profi le is compatible with DIPs
3. Wide assortment of pin packages enhances design fl exibility
4. Ammo-pak packaging available
5. Recommended for rosin fl ux and solvent clean or no clean fl ux processes
6. Marking on contrasting background for permanent identifi cation 4600X

Other data sheets within the file : 4606X-101-RC, 4608X-102-RC, 4610X-104-RC/RC

4609X-101 Datasheet PDF Download

4609X-101 pdf