ERJ-12SF Datasheet – 2010 Size, Thick Film Chip Resistor – Panasonic

Part Number : ERJ-12SF

Function : 1/2W, Precision Thick Film Chip Resistor

Package :  2010 Size SMD Type

Manufacturers : Panasonic


ERJ-12SF Chip Resistor


1. Small size and lightweight
2. High reliability using metal glaze thick film resistive element and three layers of electrodes
3. Compatible with automatic placement of bulk taping and bulk case packaging
4. Reflow and fl ow solderability
4. Meets ISO-9001 & QS-9000 standards


Ordering Information

ERJ-12SF Ordering information


Other data sheets within the file : ERJ-12SF3320U, ERJ-12SF20R0U, ERJ-12SF30R9U

ERJ-12SF Datasheet PDF Download


MF1 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : MF1

Function : general purpose metal film leaded resistor

Manufacturers : Koa Speed Electonics

Images :

MF1 datasheet


Description :

1. Semi-precision metal film resistors
2. The discharge path resistor is recognized by UL 1676 and c-UL (CAS-C22.2 No.1-M94).
3. Meets requirements of MIL-R-22684
4. Suitable for automatic machine insertion
5. MFS two times the power rating of the standard body type
6. Marking: Blue-gray body color with color-coded bands
7. Products with lead-free terminations meet EU RoHS and China RoHS requirements
8. AEC-Q200 Qualified: MF1/4, MFS1/4, MFS1/2

Other data sheets within the file : MF1/2, MF1/4, MF1/4CT52R20RJ-L, MFS1/2

MF1 Datasheet PDF Download

MF1 pdf