PA2030A Datasheet PDF – MOSFET IC Power Amp – Pioneer

Partnumber : PA2030A

Description : MOSFET IC Power Amp

Package : ZIP 25 IC Chip

Manufactures : Pioneer


PA2030A Image


The PA2030A is a class AB Audio Power Amplifier. It allows a rail to rail output voltage swing with no need of bootstrap capacitors for the fully complementary PNP/NPN output configuration.

Features for PA2030A

1. MOSFET output power stage
2. Excellent 2 Ω driving capability
3. Hi-Fi class distortion
4. Low output noise
5. ST-BY function
6. Mute function
7. Automute at min. supply voltage detection

PA2030A Datasheet Pinout

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PA2030A Datasheet

PA2030A pdf

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C6090 Datasheet PDF – NPN Transistor – Sanyo

Part Number : C6090

Function : NPN Triple Diffused Planar Silicon Transistor

Package : TO-220FI Type

Manufacturers : SANYO -> Panasonic

Applications : Color TV Horizontal Deflection Output

Image :

C6090 image
Pinouts :

C6090 datasheet


Features :

1. High speed.

2. High breakdown voltage (VCBO=1500V).

3. Adoption of high reliability HVP process.

4. Adoption of MBIT process.

C6090 Circuit

Absolute Maximum Ratings

1. Collector-to-Base Voltage : VCBO = 1500 V
2. Collector-to-Emitter Voltage : VCEO = 700 V
3. Emitter-to-Base Voltage : VEBO = 5 V
4. Collector Current : IC = 10 A
5. Collector Current (Pulse) : ICP = 25 A
6. Collector Dissipation : PC = 2.0 W

Other data sheets within the file : 2SC6090, 2SC6090LS, C6090LS

C6090 Datasheet PDF Download

C6090 pdf