2P4M Datasheet PDF – 2A, 400V, Thyristor – NEC

Part Number : 2P4M


Package : TO-202AA Type

Manufacturers : NEC ( Renesas Technology )

Image and Pinouts :

2P4M datasheet

Description :

The 2P4M and 2P6M are a P gate all diffused mold type Thyristor granted 2 A On-state Average Current (TC= 77°C), with rated voltages up to 600 V.


1.  Easy installation by TO-202AA package.
2.  Less holding current distribution provides free application design.


1. Electric blanket, Electronic jar, Various temperature control.
2. Electric sewing machine, Speed control of miniature type motor.
3. Light display equipment, Lamp dimmer such as a display for entertainment.
4. Automatic gas lighter, Battery charg

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Other data sheets within the file : 2P4MP16, 2P5M, 2P6M, NEC2P4MP16

2P4M Datasheet PDF Download

2P4M pdf


2N4102 Datasheet PDF – Thyristor, SCR, 600V, 2A, Transistor

Part Number : 2N4102

Function : Thyristor, SCR, 600V, 2A, 3-Pin(2+Tab)

Package : TO-66, TO-8 Sleeve

Manufacturers : RCA, New Jersey Semiconductor

Image :

2N4102 Thyristor SCR


Description :

This is 600V, 2A, Thyristor, SCR.


Absolute maximum ratings :

1. Type SCR

2. Surge Current Rating : 2 A

3. Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage : 600 V

4. Repetitive Peak Forward Blocking Voltage : 800 V

5. Operating Junction Temperature : -40 to 125 °C

6. Minimum Operating Temperature : -40 °C

7. Maximum Operating Temperature : 125 °C

8. Maximum Holding Current : 50 mA

9. Maximum Gate Trigger Voltage : 2 V

10. Maximum Gate Trigger Current : 40 mA



2N4102 pinout


Features :

1. Designed especially for high-volume systems
2. Readily adaptable for printed-circuit boards and metal heat sinks
3. Low switching losses
4. Short emitter gate-cathode construnction
5. Forward and reverse gate dissipation ratings


Other data sheets within the file : 2N3228, 2N3529, 2N3525, 2N4101, 2N3528


2N4102 Datasheet PDF Download

2N4102 pdf

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