PCF7946AT Datasheet – Security Transponder – Philips

Part Number : PCF7946AT

Function : Security Transponder and Remote Keyless Entry Chip

Package : 14-pin SO type

Manufactures : Philips Semiconductor, NXP


PCF7946AT datasheet


The HITAG2 is a high performance monolithic Security Transponder and Remote Keyless Entry Chip ideally suited for car immobiliser applications that incorporate keyless entry functions.


1. Compatible with Security Transponder, PCF7936AS.
2. Rolling Code Generator for keyless entry
3. 14-pin SO package


1. 64/32 bit mutual authentication
2. 32 bit unique device identification number
3. Fast authentication, 39ms
4. 48 bit Secret Key
5. 128 bit user memory (EEPROM)
6. EEPROM read/write in cipher mode
7. EEPROM read/write protection capability
8. Excellent sensitivity in read and write mode

Code Hopping Generator

1. Four user buttons (15 + 1 commands)
2. LED acknowledgment of transmission
3. 42 bit unidirectional code hopping
4. 48 bit Remote Secret Key
5. 114 bit message with run-in, device identification, function code, terminator and parity bits
6. Automatic code synchronisation via transponder
7. Programmable data rate and frame repetition rate
8. Clock input to support external data rate reference
9. Manchester encoding
10. Low tolerance on-chip RC oscillator (< ±10%)
11. Battery low indication
12. Single cell operation (2.0V to 3.6V)
13. Low power consumption (ACTIVE: 0.3 mA, POWER DOWN: 300 nA)


PCF7946AT Datasheet


74HCT4020 Datasheet – 14-stage Binary Ripple Counter

Part Number : 74HCT4020

Function : 14-stage binary ripple counter

Manufacturers : Philips Electronics

Pinouts :

74HCT4020 datasheet

Description :

The 74HC4020 / 74HCT4020 are high-speed Si-gate CMOS devices and are pin compatible with the “4020” of the “4000B” series. They are specified in compliance with JEDEC standard no. 7A.

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