AM2321 Datasheet PDF – Temperature Humidity Sensor

Part Number : AM2321

Function : Digital Temperature Humidity Sensor

Manufacturers : Aosong

Image and Pinouts :

AM2321 datasheet


Description :

AM2321 digital temperature and humidity sensor is a temperature and humidity composite sensor with calibrated digital signal output. The special temperature and humidity acquisition technology is adopted to ensure that the product has extremely high reliability and excellent long-term stability. The sensor includes a capacitive humidity sensing element and a high-precision integrated temperature measuring element, and is connected with a high-performance microprocessor. The product has the advantages of excellent quality, ultra-fast response, strong anti-interference ability, and high cost performance.

Every sensor of this model is temperature compensated and calibrated in accurate calibration chamber and the calibration-coefficient is saved in type of programme in OTP memory, when the sensor is detecting, it will cite coefficient from memory.

Product Features :

1. Ultra-small size
2. Ultra-low power consumption
3. Ultra-low voltage operation
4. Excellent long-term stability
5. Standard I2C and single bus output

Other data sheets within the file : AM-2321


AM2321 Datasheet PDF Download

AM2321 pdf

ATA2188 PDF Datasheet – Optical Mouse Sensor IC

Part Number : ATA2188

Function : Optical Mouse Sensor IC

Package : DIP 12 Pin Type

Manufactures : ALab

Images :

ATA2188 datasheet

Description :

The ATA2188 is an optical sensor with capability of replacing current track ball mouse of computer system. How the most common optical sensor for mouse works today is: The sensor captures “snapshots” of the work surface at 1,700 times per second, calculates ±3-pixel movement per frame, and produce 5,100 pixel movements per second with internal 6MHz oscillator. With internal 12MHz oscillator, the sensor captures snapshots of the work surface at 3,400 times per second, calculates ± 3-pixel movement per frame, and produce 10,200 pixel movements per second. However, the key difference in ATA2188 from other optical sensors is that it is designed based on a system level architecture so that it can eliminate side parts resulting in saving extra manufacturing costs. Additionally, PS/2 interface is included within ATA2188 so that no MCU is needed to interface through PS/2.

Features :

1. Single 5.0 volt power supply

2. Low operation current

3. On chip LED drive TR

4. 6MHz/12MHz selectable internal oscillator included (No additional OSC needed)

5. PS/2 interface included (No additional MCU needed)

6. Complete 2-D motion sensor […]


ATA2188 Datasheet