MB1010 Datasheet PDF – Ultrasonic Sensor

Part Number : MB1010

Function : High Performance Sonar Range Finder

Package : Module Type

Manufacturers : MaxBotix ( https://www.maxbotix.com/ )

Image :

MB1010 datasheet


Description :

With 2.5V – 5.5V power the LV-MaxSonar – EZ1 provides very short to long-range detection and ranging, in an incredibly small package.

The LV-MaxSonar -EZ1 detects objects from 0-inches to 254-inches (6.45-meters) and provides sonar range information from 6-inches out to 254-inches with 1-inch resolution. Objects from 0-inches to 6-inches range as 6-inches.

The interface output formats included are pulse width output, analog voltage output, and serial digital output.

Product Specifications

1. Resolution of 1 inch
2. 20Hz reading rate
3. 42kHz Ultrasonic sensor measures distance to objects
4. RoHS Compliant
5. Read from all 3 sensor outputs: Analog Voltage, RS232 Serial, Pulse Width
6. Virtually no sensor dead zone, objects closer than 6 inches range as 6 inches


1. UAV blimps, micro planes and some helicopters
2. Bin level measurement
3. Proximity zone detection
4. People detection
5. Robot ranging sensor
6. Autonomous navigation
7. Multi-sensor arrays
8. Distance measuring
9. Long range object detection
10. Wide beam sensitivity

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MB1010 Datasheet PDF Download

MB1010 pdf


L3GD20 Datasheet PDF – MEMS Motion Sensor

Part Number : L3GD20

Function : MEMS Motion Sensor : three-axis digital output gyroscope

Package : LGA-16 (4x4x1 mm)

Manufacturers : STMicroelectronics


L3GD20 Motion Sensor



Description :

The L3GD20 is a low-power three-axis angular rate sensor. It includes a sensing element and an IC interface capable of providing the measured angular rate to the external world through a digital interface (I2C/SPI). The sensing element is manufactured using a dedicated micro-machining process developed by STMicroelectronics to produce inertial sensors and actuators on silicon wafers.

Pinouts :

L3GD20 datasheet


1. Three selectable full scales (250/500/2000dps)
2. I2C/SPI digital output interface
3. 16 bit-rate value data output
4. 8-bit temperature data output
5. Two digital output lines (interrupt and data ready)
6. Integrated low- and high-pass filters with userselectable bandwidth
7. Wide supply voltage: 2.4 V to 3.6 V
8. Low voltage-compatible IOs (1.8 V)


1. Gaming and virtual reality input devices
2. Motion control with MMI (man-machine interface)
3. GPS navigation systems
4. Appliances and robotics


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L3GD20 Datasheet PDF Download

L3GD20 pdf