LM20A21 Datasheet PDF – LCD Module – Sharp

Part Number : LM20A21

Function : Character Type LCD Module (FA/POS/Measuring instruments)

Outline dimensions : 115 (w) x 35 (h) x 11 max (d)  (mm)

Manufacturers : Sharp Electronics

Image :

LM20A21 datasheet

Description :

The LM20A21, dot-matrix LCD unit consists of a 5×7-dot 20-character 2-line dot-matrix LCD panel, LCD driver and controller LSI fabricated on a single PCB. Incorporating mask ROM-based character generator and display data RAM in the controller LSI, the unit can efficiently display the desired charaters under microprocessor control.


1. 20 characters x 2 lines

2.- STN LCD (Reflective)

3. 5 x 7 dots with cursor

4. Suitable for telephone & facsimile etc.,

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LM20A21 Datasheet PDF Download

LM20A21 pdf

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LM32P10 Datasheet – 4.7 inch LCD Module – Sharp

Part Number : LM32P10

Function : 4.7 inch, Medium Size Graphic Type LCD Module

Active area (H x V)96.0 x 72.0 mm

Manufacturers : Sharp


LM32P10 datasheet lcd module


The SHARP LM32P10 Passive Matrix Color LCD consists of 320 ´ 240 dots with a backlight system which uses a cold cathode fluorescent tube (CCFT). The LCD also consists of a TSTN-type negative panel.


1. Display Format : 320 x 240
2. Overall Dimensions : 148 (W) x 96 (H) x 8 max (D) mm
3. Active Area : 100 (W) x 76 (H) mm
4. Dot Pitch : 0.28 (W) x 0.28 (H) mm

LM32P10 pinout

1 S Scan Start-Up Signal H
2 CP1 Input Data Latch Signal H ® L
3 CP2 Data Input Clock Signal H ® L
4 VDD Power Supply For Logic and LCD (+5 V) –
5 VSS Ground Potential (GND) –
6 VEE Power Supply For LCD –
7 D0 Display Data Signal H (ON), L (OFF)
8 D1 Display Data Signal H (ON), L (OFF)
9 D2 Display Data Signal H (ON), L (OFF)
10 D3 Display Data Signal H (ON), L (OFF)
11 VR1 LCD Contrast Adjust (A)
12 VR2 LCD Contrast Adjust (B)

Display Face Configuration

The LCD driver is 80 bits LSI, consisting of shift register, latch circuits, and LCD driver circuits. Display data which is externally divided into data for each row (320 dots) is sequentially transferred in the form of 4-bit parallel data through shift registers by Clock Signal CP2 from the left top of the display face.
When data of one row (320 dots) has been input, they are latched in the form of parallel data for 320 lines of signal electrodes by Latch Signal CP1. Then the corresponding drive signal is transmitted to the 320 lines of column electrodes of the LCD panel by the LCD drive circuits.

PDF Download : http://www.wowa.cz/alex/lm32p10.pdf

LM32P10 Datasheet


Other data sheets within the file :