AN3791 Datasheet PDF – VTR X-Value Shift Circuit

Part Number : AN3791

Function : VTR X-Value Shift Circuit

Package : 9-Lead SIL


Image :

AN3791 datasheet


Description :

Operation at low supply voltage(Vcc = 5V)

Text :

1. Built-in circuit for converting 2-value to 3-value

2. Applicable to special playback mode

Pinouts :

AN3791 pinout

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AN3791 pdf

Other data sheets within the file : AN-3791

D14006 Datasheet – 18-bit Statci Shift Register

Part Number : D14006

Function : 18-bit Statci Shift Register

package : DIP, SOP 14 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Hitachi ( Renesas Electronics )

Pinouts :

D14006 datasheet


Description :

The D14006 shift register is comprised of four separate shift register sections sharing a common clock : two sections have four stages and two sections have five stages with an output tap on both the fourth and fifth stages. This part is particularly useful in serial shift registers and time delay circuits.

Features :

1. Output Transistions occur on the falling edge of the clock pulse

2. Quiesecent Current = 5nA / pkg typ @5V

3. Fully static operation

4. 8MHz shift rate typical

5. Pin-for-pin replacement for CD4006B and MC14006B

6. cabable of driving one lowpower schottky TTL load over the rated temperature range

Other data sheets within the file : 14006B, HD14006B

Datasheet PDF Download

D14006 pdf