BAW56 PDF Datasheet – 85V, 200mA, Small Signal Diode – Fairchild

Part Number : BAW56

Function : Small Signal Diode

Package : SOT-23 Type

Manufacturers : Fairchild Semiconductor

Pinouts :

BAW56 datasheet


Absolute maximum ratings ( Ta=25°C )

1. Maximum Repetitive Reverse Voltage : VRRM= 85 V
2. Average Rectified Forward Current : IF(AV)= 200 mA
4. Junction Temperature : Tj = 150°C
5. Storage Temperatue : Tsg = -55 ~ +150°C


Small signal switching diode for general purpose


BAW56 PDF Datasheet Download

BAW56 pdf

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LA76835 Datasheet PDF – Small Signal Processor, DIP 54 type

Part Number : LA76835

Function : Small Signal Processor

Package : DIP 54 Pin Type

Manufacturers : SANYO ( Panasonic )

Images :

LA76835 datasheet

Description :

The LA76835 is I2C bus controller ICs that support the different TV broadcast formats used worldwide and aim for rationalization of color TV set design, improved manufacturability, and lower total costs.


1. Single crystal multiformat system that supports the different TV broadcast formats used worldwide.
2. Adjustment-free VIF/SIF, audio trap/audio bandpass filters
3. Adjustment-free horizontal resonator system
4. Black stretch, sharpness control with coring on/off control, built-in variable Y system filters
5. Chrominance bandpass filter, demodulation ratio and angle control, blue stretch


Reference PDF :

Other data sheets within the file : LA76835NM

LA76835 Datasheet PDF Download

LA76835 pdf