AD1984 Datasheet PDF – Audio SoundMAX Codec

Part Number : AD1984

Function : High Definition Audio SoundMAX® Codec

Package : 48-Lead LFCSP

Manufacturers : Analog Devices

Image :

AD1984 datasheet


Description :

The AD1984 family of audio codecs and SoundMAX software provides superior High Definition audio quality that exceeds Vista Premium performance. The device has four 192 kHz DACs, four 192 kHz ADCs, S/PDIF output, a four-channel digital microphone interface, Digital Beep and analog PCBeep.


Features :

1. Two independent stereo DAC/ADC pairs

2. Simultaneous record of two stereo channels

3. Four 192 kHz digital microphone channels

4. Stereo CD/auxillary I/O port w/GND sense

5. Stereo or quad array support

6. Digital PCM gain control

7. Two stereo headphone amplifier


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AD1984 Datasheet PDF Download

AD1984 pdf

Other data sheets within the file : AD-1984, AD1984JCPZ, AD1984JCPZ-REEL

BD3470KS2 Datasheet – Power Supply Sound IC ( PDF )

Part Number : BD3470KS2

Function :  Single Power Supply Sound IC for STR-KM7600

Package : PLCC 80 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Sony



IC for STR-KM7600 is the receiver section.

Reference power output for front, center, surround and surround back speakers. Depending
on the sound fi eld settings and the source, there may be no sound output.

This receiver incorporates High-Defi nition Multimedia Interface (HDMITM) technology.
HDMI, the HDMI logo and High-Defi nition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States
and other countries.




BD3470KS2 Datasheet

BD3470KS2 pdf


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