CD5265CS Datasheet – 2.3W Multimedia IC, SIP 9 Pin

Part Number : CD5265CS

Function : 2.3W Multimedia IC

Package : SIP 9 Pin

Manufactures : China Hua Jing Electronics

Images :

CD5265CS datasheet

Description :

The IC is a semiconductor integrated circuit designed for TV sound output circuit.


1. DC volume adjustment method employed. Controlled with DC voltage.
2.  Fin-attached 9-lead SIP package employed


CD5265CS pinout

1. Supply Voltage 1
2. Sound Input
3. Mute
4. Volume adjustment
5. Filter
6. Feedback
7. GND
8. Sound output
9. Supply voltage 2

CD5265CS Datasheet

AN5265 Datasheet

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CD3699GP Datasheet PDF – CD3699, Sound Processor – Semico

Part Number : CD3699GP

Function : Echo / Surround Sound Processor circuit

Package : DIP 16, SOP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Semico

Image :


Description :

CD3699 is an echo / surround sound processor circuit applied to an echo sound effects and surround sound audio processing equipment.

Limit parameter :

1. Extreme working voltage : -0.3 ~ 6V
2. Working temperature : -25 ~ 70°C
3. Extreme power consumption : 1.7W
4. Storage temperature : -40 ~ 125°C


CD3699GP Circuit Pinout


1. low distortion
2. high signal to noise ratio
3. Simple peripheral lines
4. Auto reset function
5. Echo delay time can be easily adjusted
6. You can select the echo mode. Main tone Echo output together or surround sound mode Only echo output


CD3699GP Datasheet

Other data sheets within the file : CD3699

CD3699GP Datasheet PDF Download

CD3699GP pdf

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