AS190-73 Datasheet PDF – Control SPDT Switch – Alpha

Part Number : AS190-73

Function : PHEMT GaAs IC high linearity 3V control SPDT switch 0.1-2 GHz

Package : SOT-6 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Alpha Industries

Pinouts :

AS190-73 datasheet

Description :

The AS190-73 is a PHEMT GaAs FET IC high linearity SPDT switch in a SOT-6 plastic package.This switch has been designed for use where extremely high linearity, low control voltage, low insertion loss and ultra miniature package size are required. It can be controlled with positive, negative or a combination of both voltages. Some standard implementations include antenna changeover, T/R and diversity switching over 3 W.The AS190-73 switch can be used in many analog and digital wireless communication systems including cellular, GSM and DECT applications.


1. +2.5 to +5 V Linear Operation P-0.1 dB ≥ 37 dbm
2. Harmonics H2, H3 > 65 dBc @ PIN = 34.5 dBm
3. Low Insertion Loss (0.5 dB @ 0.9 GHz)
4. PHEMT Process

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AS190-73 Datasheet PDF Download

AS190-73 pdf

DG2307 PDF Datasheet – SPDT Analog Switch – Vishay

Part Number : DG2307, Marking : G1

Function : High-Speed, Low rON, SPDT Analog Switch ( 2:1 Multiplexer )

Package : SC70-6 Type

Manufacturers : Vishay


The DG2307 is a single-pole-double-throw switch/2:1 mux designed for 2 to 5.5 V applications. Using Vishay Siliconix proprietary sub-micro CMOS process, the DG2307 achieves low on-resistance, low power consumption. It is 1.6 V TTL logic compatible across the operation voltage range. With its low rON and low parasitic capacitance character, it is ideal for clock signal and high speed data stream switching. It has low insertion lost and negligible propagation delay.


DG2307 PDF Datasheet pinout



1. Operates From Single 2 ~ 5.5 V
2. SC70-6 Package
3. 5 Ω Switch Connection Between Ports
4. Minimal Propagation Delay
5. TTL Compatible Input Level
6. RoHS Compliant


1. Cellular Phones
2. PDAs
3. GPS
4. MP3
5. Data Acquisition


DG2307 PDF Datasheet

DG2307 pdf

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