SW-110-PIN PDF – GaAs SPDT Reflective Switch

Part Number : SW-110-PIN

Function : GaAs SPDT Reflective Switch

Manufactures : MA-COM

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Description :

SW-110-PIN GaAs SPDT Reflective Switch with TTL/CMOS Control Input, DC-3.0 GHz Features • 1 dB Compression Point: +39 dBm Typical, -8V Control • IP3: +65 dBm Typical, -8V Control • Insertion Loss: 0.45 dB Typical • Low Power Consumption • Fast Switching Speed • Hermetic Surface Mount Package • 50 Ohm Nominal Impedance • Lead-Free CR-9 Package • 260°C Reflow Compatible • RoHS- Compliant Description M/A-COM’s SW-110-PIN is a GaAs MMIC SPDT reflective switch with an integral silicon ASIC driver. This device is in a 16 lead ceramic surface mount package. These switches exhibit excellent performance and repeatability from DC to 3.0 GHz, with very low DC power dissipation. The SW-110-PIN is ideally suited for RF/IF communications applications. Environmental screening is available. Contract the factory for information. Functional Block Diagram Rev. V6 Ordering Information Part Number SW-110-PIN MASW-008844-0001TB Package Bulk Packaging Sample Test Board Note: Reference Application Note M513 for reel size information. Pin Configuration Pin No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Function Vee GND GND GND RF2 GND GND GND Pin No. 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Function RFC GND GND RF1 GND GND Vcc C1 The metal bottom of the case must be connected to RF and DC ground. – Restrictions on Hazardous Substances, European Union Directive 2002/95/EC. 1 ADVANCED: Data Sheets contain information regarding a product M/A-COM Technology Solutions • North America Tel: 800.366.2266 • Europe Tel: +353.21.244.6400 is considering for development. Performance is based on target specifications, simulated results, and/or prototype measurements. Commitment to develop is not guaranteed. PRELIMINARY: Data Sheets contain information regarding a product M/A-COM Technology • India Tel: +91.80.4155721 • China Tel: +86.21.2407.1588 Visit www.macomtech.com for additional data sheets and product information. Solutions has under development. Performance is based on engineering tests. Specifications are typical. Mechanical outline has been fixed. Engineering samples and/or test data may be available. M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc. and its affiliates reserve the right to make Commitment to produce in volume is not guaranteed. changes to the product(s) or information contained herein without notice. SW-110-PIN GaAs SPDT Reflective Switch with TTL/CMOS Control Input, DC-3.0 GHz Rev. V6 Electrical Specifications: TA = 25°C1,2,3 Parameter Reference Insertion Loss Isolation VSWR Trise, Tfall Ton, Toff Transients Test Conditions — — — 10% to 90% 1.3V Control to 90/10% RF In-band (peak-peak) Frequency DC – 0.5 GHz DC – 1.0 GHz DC – 2.0 GHz DC – 3.0 GHz DC – 0.5 GHz DC – 1.0 GHz DC – 2.0 GHz DC – 3.0 GHz DC – 0.5 GHz DC – 1.0 GHz DC – 2.0 GHz DC – 3.0 GHz — — — Units dB dB dB dB dB dB dB dB Ratio Ratio Ratio Ratio nS nS mV Min 40 35 24 18 Typ 12 35 30 Max […]

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SW-110-PIN Datasheet

TS5A22364 Datasheet PDF – Dual SPDT Analog Switche

Part Number : TS5A22364



Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

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TS5A22364 datasheet


Description :

The TS5A22364 is a bidirectional, 2-channel, singlepole double-throw (SPDT) analog switch designed to operate from 2.3 V to 5.5 V. The device features negative signal capability that allows signals below ground to pass through the switch without distortion. Additionally, the TS5A22364 includes an internal shunt switch, which automatically discharges any capacitance at the NC or NO terminals when they are unconnected to COM. This reduces the audible click/pop noise when switching between two sources.

The break-before-make feature prevents signal distortion during the transferring of a signal from one path to another. Low ON-state resistance, excellent channel-to-channel ON-state resistance matching, and minimal total harmonic distortion (THD) performance are ideal for audio applications. The 3.00-mm x 3.00-mm DRC package is also available as a nonmagnetic package for medical imaging applications.



TS5A22364 pinout



• Cell Phones
• PDAs
• Portable Instrumentation
• Audio Routing
• Medical Imaging

TS5A22364 Datasheet PDF Download

TS5A22364 pdf

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