M5M5408BFP Datasheet PDF – 4-Mbit static RAM

Part Number : M5M5408BFP

Function : 4-Mbit (524288-WORD BY 8-BIT) CMOS STATIC RAM

Package : 32 Pin SOP, TSOP, STSOP

Manufacturers : Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor




Description :

The M5M5408BFP is a family of 4-Mbit static RAMs organized as 524,288-words by 8-bit, fabricated by Mitsubishi’s high performance 0.25µm CMOS technology.

The M5M5408B is suitable for memory applications where a simple interfacing , battery operating and battery backup are the important design objectives. M5M5408B is packaged in 32-pin plastic SOP, 32-pin plastic TSOP and 32-pin 8mm x 13.4mm STSOP packages. Two types of TSOPs and two types of STSOPs are available , M5M5408BTP (normal-lead-bend TSOP) , M5M5408BRT (reverse-lead-bend TSOP) , M5M5408BKV (normal-lead-bend STSOP) and M5M5408BKR (reverse-lead-bend STSOP).

These two types TSOPs and two types STSOPs are suitable for a surface mounting on double-sided printed circuit boards. From the point of operating temperature, the family is divided into three versions; “Standard”, ” W-version”, and “I-version”. Those are summarized in the part name table below.

Pinouts :

M5M5408BFP datasheet


1. Single +5V power supply
2. Small stand-by current: 0.4µA(3V,typ.)
3.  No clocks, No refresh
4. Process technology: 0.25µm CMOS

Other data sheets within the file : M5M5408B, M5M5408BFP-10H, M5M5408BFP-10HI

M5M5408BFP Datasheet PDF Download

M5M5408BFP pdf

STK10C68-P45I Datasheet PDF – 8K x 8 Nonvolatile Static RAM

Part Number : STK10C68-P45I

Function : High Performance 8K x 8 nvSRAM CMOS nonvolatile static RAM

Package : 28 Pin DIP or SOIC Type

Manufacturers : Simtek Corporation

Pinouts :

STK10C68-P45I datasheet


Description :

The Simtek STK10C68 is a fast static RAM(25, 30, 35, and 45ns), with a nonvolatile electrically-erasable PROM (EEPROM) element incorporated in each static memory cell. The SRAMcan be read and written an unlimited number of times, while independent nonvolatile data resides in EEPROM. Data may easily be transferred from the SRAMto the EEPROM (STORE), or from the EEPROMto the SRAM(RECALL) using the NE pin. It combines the high performance and ease of use of a fast SRAMwith nonvolatile data integrity.


1. 25, 30, 35 and 45ns Access Times
2. 12, 15, 20 and 25ns Output Enable Access
3. Unlimited Read and Write to SRAM
4. Hardware STORE Initiation
5. Automatic STORE Timing

Other data sheets within the file :

STK10C68-C20, STK10C68-C25, STK10C68-C25I, STK10C68-C30, STK10C68-C30I

STK10C68-P45I Datasheet PDF Download

STK10C68-P45I pdf