42878-6362 Datasheet – Modular Jack, Vertical

Part Number : 42878-6362

Function : Modular Jack, Vertical, Low Profile, 6/4

Manufacturers : Molex Connectors

Images :

42878-6362 datasheet


Description :


Status: Active
Series: 42878
Category: Modular Jacks/Plugs
Overview: Modular Plugs – Jacks
Comments : Flush Mount, Flangeless, 2 PCB Thick

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42878-6362 Datasheet PDF Download

42878-6362 pdf


A6628SEDT Datasheet – IC For Epson printer – Allegro

Part Number : A6628SEDT

Function : Stepper Motor Driver for EPSON Stylus Pro 3800/3800C/3850

Package : PLCC-44 Type

Manufacturers : Allegro

Image :



EPSON Stylus Pro 3800/3800C/3850 are large size color inkjet printers that support up to A2 (17”) sized cut-sheet paper.

1. F-Mach (180N x 8-column) print head
2. Maximum print resolution (dpi): 2880 x 1440, Minimum dot: 3.5pl MSDT
3. Superior color and monochrome reproducibility with eight colors HCD2 + K3 ink system, consisting of 4 basic colors (YMCK) with 2 complementary colors and 2 complementary blacks
4. 80ml-size (injection volume) new ink cartridge
5. Automatic switching between black ink modes; Photo black and Matte black. Requires no user intervention, and ink used during the conversion is remarkably reduced.


A6628SEDT pinout

A6615SEDTR pinout

A6628SEDT Datasheet

A6628SEDT Datasheet

Reference Site : http://www.cnczone.com/forums/stepper-motors-drives/98558-allegro-a6615sed-stepper-motor-driver.html

Reference PDF : http://blackred.spb.ru/tech/print/StylusPro3800_service_manual.pdf

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