B0505S-1W Datasheet – 5V-5V, Power Supply Module

Part Number : 6V6

Function : 1W, 5V-5V Power Supply Module

Package : DIP, SIP Type

Manufactures : MORNSUN ( Mornsun Power Supply  )


B0505S-1W datasheet mornsun


Description :

Single Output 5V in, 5V out at 200mA Max, Isolated voltage output.


1. Efficiency up to 80%
2. Miniature SIP/DIP Package
3. 1KVDC Isolation
4. Operating Temperature Range : -40°C ~ +85°C
5. Low Temperature Rise
6. No External Component Required
7. PCB Mounting
8. Industry Standard Pinout


B0505S-1W pinout


The B_S-1W & B_D-1W Series are designed for application where isolated output is required from a distributed power system.

These products apply to where:

1) Input voltage variation ≤ ±10%;
2) 1KVDC input and output isolation;
3) Regulated and low ripple noise is not required.

Such as : digital circuits, low frequency analog circuits, and IGBT power device driving circuits.

B0505S-1W Datasheet

B0505S-1W pdf


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CR6202 Datasheet PDF – Switching Power Supply Controller IC

Part Number : CR6202

Function : Switching Power Supply Controller IC

Package : DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Chip-Rail, Power Rail

Pinouts :

CR6202 datasheet


Description :

CR6202 is a high-performance current mode flyback PWM controller for AC/DC transformer with high performance and price ratio,  which supplies continuous output power of 5W within the range of wide-voltage between 85V and265V, the output power of peak value can be  up  to  18W. The combination of optimized reasonable circuit design and bipolar facture technology with high performance and price ratio economizes the whole cost ultimately. The power controller can be applied to the typical flyback circuit topology so as to form a simple AC/DC transformer.


1. Set-in high-voltage power switch transistor of 700V and few peripheral components
2. With the modulation of lock pulse width, the testing is according to the pulse limit current.
3. Inner-built ramp and anti-feedback compensation function
4. Set-in heat protection circuit
5. Few peripheral components
6. Low startup and operating current
7. VCC over-voltage automatic limit




Other data sheets within the file : CR6202T

CR6202 Datasheet PDF Download

CR6202 pdf