ETK3699 Datasheet – Digital Surround Reverb Audio Processor

Part Number : ETK3699

Function : Digital surround reverb audio processor

Package :  DIP 16, SOP 16 type

Manufactures : YAGAO Technology

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ETK3699 Datasheet Audio Processor


ETK3699 is a surround reverb sound processing circuit that is mainly used in various audio equipment such as TV, stereo, and karaoke reverb.

Built-in operational amplifier, VCO (Voltage Control OSC), A/DC, D/AC, SRAM (40Kb) and delay time control circuit, it features built-in VCO can simplify the external application circuit and easy to control the oscillation frequency, so as to achieve Fine-tune the effect of delay time. In addition, the ETK3699 has only 16 pins and requires few external components, which facilitates PCB layout and saves costs.


ETK3699 pinout


1. Operating voltage: 4.5V to 5.5V
2. Automatic reset function
3. Low noise: echo reverberation mode -85dB; surround sound mode -90dB
4. Low harmonic distortion: echo reverberation mode THD<1%; surround mode THD<0.2%
5. Built-in 40Kb SRAM
6. The VCO frequency can be adjusted by an external resistor
7. ADM algorithm

Application area
1. Video player
2. Television
3. Karaoke reverberator
4. Electronic audio equipment


ETK3699 Datasheet


LMP8646 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : LMP8646

Function : LMP8646 Precision Current Limiter

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

LMP8646 datasheet

Description :

The LMP8646 is a precision current limiter used to improve the current limit accuracy of any switching or linear regulator with an available feedback node.


• Provides Circuit Protection and Current Limiting
• Single Supply Operation
• -2V to +76V Common Mode Voltage Range
• Variable Gain Set by External Resistor
• Adjustable Bandwidth Set by External Capacitor
• Buffered Output
• 3% Output Accuracy Achievable at V SENSE = 100 mV

LMP8646 Datasheet PDF Download

LMP8646 pdf

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