KSD-01F Datasheet – Temperature Switch Thermostat

Part Number : KSD-01F

Function : Temperature Switch Thermostat KSD (KSD-xxF)

Package : TO-220-2 Type

Manufacturers : http://fuyuanfuse.com/

Image :
KSD-01F datasheet

Description :

System touch temperature thermostat. Sensitive and reliable. Suitable for circuit boards for temperature control or with thermal overload protection.

Features for KSD-01F

1. Conditions of Use
(1) Relative humidity: + 20 ℃ environment issued at 95%
(2) atmospheric pressure: 86-106Kpa
(3) working position: Any

2. Technical Parameters
(1) point form: 1D or 1H
(2) contact load: 220VAC 1.5A or 24VDC 1.5A
(3) Insulation resistance: normal temperature and humidity ≥50MΩ
(4) Contact resistance: ≤ 100 mΩ
(5) Dielectric strength: ≥500VAC single 0.35mm
(6) weight <2g

Official Site : http://fuyuanfuse.com/en/productshow.asp?id=3043

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KSD-01F Datasheet

KSD-01F pdf

CXA20690 PDF Datasheet – Audio/Video Switch

Part Number : CXA20690, Correct Partnumber : CXA2069Q

Function : S2-Compatible 7-Input 3-Output Audio/Video Switch

Package : QFP 64 Pin Type

Manufactures : Sony Corporation

Images :

CXA20690 datasheet



The CXA20690 is a 7-input, 3-output audio/video switch featuring I2C bus compatibility for TVs. This
IC has input pins that are compatible with S2 protocol.

CXA20690 pinout



1. 4 inputs that are compatible with S2 protocol
2. Serial control with I2C bus
3. 7 inputs, 3 outputs
4. The desired inputs can be selected independently for each of the 3 outputs
5. Wide band video amplifier (20 MHz, –3 dB)
6. Y/C MIX circuit
7. Slave address can be changed (90H/92H)
8. Audio muting from external pin
9. High impedance maintained by I2C bus lines (SDA, SCL) even when power is OFF
10. Wide audio dynamic range (3 Vrms typ.)

Block Diagram


1. Audio/video switch featuring I2C bus compatibility for TVs


1. Bipolar silicon monolithic IC


CXA20690 Datasheet