KHS22E Datasheet PDF – Slide Switch – OTAX

Part Number : KHS22E

Function : KHS Series Slide Switch

Manufacturers : OTAX ( )

Image :

KHS22E Slide Switch

KHS22E datasheet


Description :

The ultra-compact pole of internal mechanism, and an ultra compact very half-pitch (P = 1.27mm).

1. Ultra-miniaturization of the internal mechanism realizes half-pitch (P = 1.27 mm) ultra-miniaturization.

2. High density mounting is possible (41.9% in area with 8 poles compared to our company)

3. Contacts are gold plated standard specifications.

4. Two types of terminals are available: gull wing type and J lead type

5. Automatic mounting with SMT mounter, reflow and cleaning (by tape seal) possible. For automatic mounting, tape reels, magazines, etc. can be supported.

Specifications :

1. Rated : DC24V, 25mA
2. Contact resistance : 100m Ω or less
3. Insulation voltage : 300V AC 1 minute
4. Insulation resistance : 100M Ω or more
5. Electrical life : 1000 times
6. Operating temperature range : -30 to + 85 ° C
7. Storage temperature range : -30 to + 85 ° C
8. Operating force : 4.9N MAX
9. Reflow number : 2 times

Other data sheets within the file : KHS102E, KHS42E, KHS62E, KHS82E

KHS22E Datasheet PDF Download

KHS22E pdf

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76PSB04 Datasheet – PIANO-DIP Styles Switch ( PDF )

Part Number : 76PSB04

Function : Piano-DIP (up is off) – SPST Rocker

Manufacturers : Grayhill Inc

Image :

76PSB04 datasheet

Description :

This is Piano-DIP Switch (Up is Off).

Features :

1. Raised and Recessed, Rocker and PIANO-DIP Styles
2. Sealed Base Standard
3. Spring and Ball Contact
4. Top Tape Seal Option

Soldering Information :

Series 90 MIDIP and Series 76 recessed rocker (76RSB style) sealed switches have been tested
to EIA Standard RS-448-2. Similar performance can be expected from other sealed Series 76
and 78 DIP switches.

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76PSB04 Datasheet PDF Download

76PSB04 pdf

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