Part Number : KIA6040P

Function : AM/FM IF system IC for portable use

Package : DIP 16 Type

Manufacturers : KEC

Pinouts :

KIA6040P datasheet


Description :


The KIA6040P is AM/FM IF system IC designed for portable use. As compared with conventional IC, this IC is greatly improved in external parts counts and electrical characteristics, especially tweet and overload distortion.


Features :

1. Low Supply Current, AM:7mA, FM : 10mA(Typ.).

2. Few External Parts.

3. Excellent Tweet.

4. Low Overload Distortion.

5. Tuning Indicator LED Driving Capability.

6. Built-in AM/FM Mode Switch.

7. Common Output for AM/FM.

KIA6040P Datasheet PDF Download

KIA6040P pdf

Other data sheets within the file : KIA6040

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HA1137W PDF Datasheet – FM IF System

The Part Number is HA1137W.

The function of this semiconductor is FM IF System.

Package : DIP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Hitachi

Preview images :

1 page
HA1137W image

Description :

The Hitachi HA1137W is a monolithic integrated circuit developed for the FM IF system in a Hi-Fi stereo tuner set. It includes all those functions necessary for a FM IF housed in a 16-lead, dual-in-line plastic package. The block diagram shows that the input signal is fed to a three-stage FM IF amplifier/limiter configuration and to a three-stage detector for a tuning meter driver. […]

2 page

Features :

1. IF Amplifier

2. Quadrature Detector

3. Low-noise AF Preamplifier

3. Tuning Meter Circuit

HA1137W Datasheet

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