PSD935G2 Datasheet PDF – Configurable Memory System

Part Number : PSD935G2

Function : Configurable Memory System on a Chip for 8-Bit Microcontroller

Package : TQFP80 Type

Manufacturers : STMicroelectronics

Pinouts :

PSD935G2 datasheet

Description :

The PSD9XX series of Programmable Microcontroller (MCU) Peripherals brings In-System-Programmability (ISP) to Flash memory and programmable logic. The result is a simple and flexible solution for embedded designs. PSD9XX devices combine many of the peripheral functions found in MCU based applications :

1. 4 Mbit of Flash memory
2. A secondary Flash memory for boot or data
3. Over 3,000 gates of Flash programmable logic
4. 64 Kbit SRAM
5. Reconfigurable I/O ports
6. Programmable power management.


1. 5V ± 10% Single Supply Voltage
2. Up to 4 Mbit of Primary Flash Memory (8 uniform sectors)
3. 256Kbit Secondary Flash Memory (4 uniform sectors)
4. Up to 64 Kbit SRAM
5. Over 3,000 Gates of PLD: DPLD
6. 52 Reconfigurable I/O ports
7. Enhanced JTAG Serial Port
8. Programmable power management

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PSD935G2 Datasheet PDF Download

PSD935G2 pdf

LC7537AN Datasheet PDF – Electronic Volume Control System

Part Number : LC7537AN

Function : Electronic Volume Control System for Audio Equipment

Package : DIP 42 Pin Type

Manufacturers : SANYO ( Panasonic )

Pinouts :

LC7537AN datasheet


Description :

The LC7537N is an electronic control LSI capable of electronically controlling the volume, balance, loudness, fader, bass, and treble functions individually with fewer externally connected component parts.


1. Enables controlling the below-listed functions with 3-line serial data, including CE, DI, and CLK. Also, due to 0 V to 5 V swing of the serial data input voltage, permits the use of a general purpose microcomputer.

(1) Volume :

Separately controls the Lch and Rch volume levels across 81 positions over the 0 dB to –79 dB (in 1 dB steps) range, and consequently also serves balance control purposes.

(2) Loudness :

By virtue of a center tap provided at the –20 dB position of the volume controlling ladder resistors, permits loudness to be controlled with externally connected CR components.


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LC7537AN Datasheet PDF Download

LC7537AN pdf