2SV-09 Datasheet PDF – 9 Pin, Screwless Terminal Block

Part Number : 2SV-09

Function : Terminal Block Connector

Manufacturers : TE Connectivity , Tyco Electronics

Images :

2SV-09 datasheet

Description :

Screwless Terminal Blocks are suitable for both solid and stranded wires and offers a fast way to complete wire connections. The lever is fully integrated into the body of the terminal block, which means no special tools are required. The spring is made from stainless steel strip so that there is a strong connection.

Ordering Information

2SV-09 ordering information


1. Connector
2. Type of Connector = Wire Receptacle
3. Housing Color = Black
4. Not Side Stackable
5. Without Screw Flange

Official Homepage : https://www.te.com/global-en/product-1-1437671-2.html

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2SV-09 Datasheet PDF Download

2SV-09 pdf

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6STR-20-008 Datasheet PDF – Barrier Terminal Block

Part Number : 6STR-20-008

Function : Barrier Terminal Block ( Barrier Strips )

Manufacturers : TE Connectivity

Image :

6STR-20-008 datasheet


Description :

Barrier strip style terminal blocks from TE Connectivity are available in 3 main categories: dual-barrier, tri-barrier, and double row. Each category of barrier strip is offered in several industry standard centerline spacings, allowing you to choose from high density to high current applications. Dual-barriers and Tri-Barriers are very similar in that they are both offered with hardware which allows them to be used in either PCB or panel mount applications.

1. Barrier Strip
2. Barrier Style = Single Row, Tri-Barrier
3. Block Style = Open Bottom with Standoffs
4. 11.10 mm Centerline
5. Right Angle Mount Angle

Official Homepage : https://www.te.com/global-en/product-2-1546242-0.html

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6STR-20-008 Datasheet PDF Download

6STR-20-008 pdf

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