KT201 Datasheet – SCR, Thyristor, TO-220, Tesla ( PDF )

Part Number : KT201

Function : SCR, Thyristor, PNPN Transistor, KT201/600 600V ,3A, 10mA

Package : TO-220 type

Manufacturers : Tesla

Image and Pinouts :

KT201 datasheet


Description :

This is SCR, Thyristor. TESLA.

KT201/600 :  Tyristor 600V, 3A, 10mA, TO-220

KT201/100 :  Tyristor 100V, 3A, 10mA, TO-220

Other data sheets within the file : KT201/100, KT201/600, KT501, KT701, KT708, KT726


KT201 Datasheet PDF Download

KT201 pdf

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STVS-330C16L1 Datasheet PDF – 1600V, 650A, SCR, Thyristor

Part Number : STVS-330C16L1

Function : 1600V, SCR, Phase Control Thyristor / (Hockey PUK Version), 650 A

Package : TO-200AC (B-PUK) Type

Manufacturers : Vishay Semiconductors

Images :

STVS-330C16L1 datasheet


Description :

This is 1600V, Phase Control Thyristor.

Features :

1. Center amplifying gate

2. Metal case with ceramic insulator

3. International standard case TO-200AC (B-PUK)

4. High profile hockey PUK

5. Designed and qualified for industrial level

Applications :

1. DC motor controls

2. Controlled DC power supplies

3. AC controllers

Other data sheets within the file : VS-ST330C04L, VS-ST330C08L, VS-ST330C12L, VS-ST330C14L

STVS-330C16L1 Datasheet PDF Download

STVS-330C16L1 pdf