FSM10 Datasheet PDF – Timer

Part Number : FSM10

Function : Timers – FRONT series

Manufacturers : Tele ( www.tele-power-net.com )


FSM10 datasheet

Description :

1. Front panel mounting
2. Width 45mm
3. 8 functions
4. 1 change over contact


1. ON delay (A)

When the supply voltage U is applied, the value of the time already expired is cleared and the set time t begins to run (display for time lapse flashes, counting runs either by adding or subtracting). After expiry of the time t, the output relay R picks up (OP display lights up) and the set time t (adding) or the value 0 (subtracting) is shown in the display. The status is maintained until the supply voltage is interrupted

FSM10 Datasheet PDF Download

FSM10 pdf

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EF68B40P Datasheet PDF – Programmable Timer Module

Part Number : EF68B40P

Function : Frequency clock 2 MHz Programmable Timer

Package : DIP 28 Pin Type

Manufacturers : STMicroelectronics

Images :

EF68B40P datasheet

Description :

The EF6840 is a programmable subsystem component of the 6800 family designed to provide variable system time intevals. The EF6840 has three 16-bit binary counters, three corresponding control registers and a status register. These counters are under software control and may be used to cause system interrupts and / or generate output signals.


1. Operates from a single 5 V power supply
2. Single system clock required ( Enable )
3. Fully TTL compatible
4. Programmable interrupt (IRQ) output to MPU
5. Readable down counter indicates conunts to go to time-out
6. Three maskable outputs

Other data sheets within the file : EF6840, EF6840C, EF6840E, EF6840J, EF6840P, EF68A40P

EF68B40P Datasheet PDF Download

EF68B40P pdf