PPI8255 Datasheet PDF – Parallel Data Transfer

Part Number : PPI8255

Function : Parallel Data Transfer (PPI 8255)

Package : DIP 40 Pin type

Manufacturers : Intel

Block Diagram

PPI8255 datasheet

Description :

One intermediate shale used for parallel interfacing is the Programmable Peripheral Interface (PPI) 8255. This flake is manufactured by Intel Corporation and packaged in the form of a 40 pin dual in line package and designed for a variety of interface functions in the microprocessor. PPI 8255 has 24 I / O pins which are divided into three 8-bit ports. These ports are port A (PA0-PA7), port B (PB0-PB7) and port C (PC0-PC7). As a path for transferring data to and from PPI 8255 an 8 bit data bus channel (D0-D7) is provided. The data bus from this PPI can be connected directly to the data bus from a microcomputer.

1. 8255A Programmable Peripheral Interface (PPI)
2. 8259 Programmable Interrupt Controller (PIC)
3. 8253/4 Programmable Interval Timer (PIT)


PPI8255 pinout


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PPI8255 pdf


SIM300 PDF Datasheet – Hardware Specification

Part Number : SIM300

Function : Hardware Specification

Manufactures : SIMCom

Images :

SIM300 pdf datasheet

Description :

Flow control is very important for correct communication between the GSM engine and DTE. For in the case such as a data or fax call, the sending device is transferring data faster than the receiving side is ready to accept. When the receiving buffer reaches its capacity, the receiving device should be capable to cause the sending device to pause until it catches up. There are basically two approaches to achieve data flow control: software flow control and hardware flow control. SIM300 support both two kinds of flow control. In Multiplex mode, it is recommended to use the hardware flow control.



SIM300 Datasheet

SIM300 pdf