HR601680 Datasheet – 10/100Base-TX Transformer Module

This post explains for the semiconductor HR601680.

The Part Number is HR601680. The Package is SMD 16 Pin.

The function of this semiconductor is 10/100Base-TX Transformer Module.

Manufacturers : HanRun Electronics ( )

Preview images :

HR601680 Transformer

Description :

1. Small form factor for board layout efficiency
2. Minimum Iosolation Voltage : 1500 Vrms
3. Meets all IEEE802.3 and ANSI X3.263 Standards including 350 uH Minimum OCL with 8 mA bias

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HR601680 image


HR601680 datasheet pinout

HR601680 Datasheet


HST-24002SAR Datasheet – 1000BASE-TX Network Transformer

Part Number : HST-24002SAR

Function : 1000BASE-TX MAGNETICS MODULE ( Network Transformer )

Package : SOP 24 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Group-Tek ( )

Image :

HST-24002SAR Transformer


1. Compliant with IEEE 802.3ab standard for 1000Base-T.
2. Non-PoE Product.
3. Support Auto MDIX in 1 pairs of category 5 UTP cable
4. Primary inductance(Lp)350uH min.@100KHz,0.1Vrms,DC 8mA
5. Capacitance between windings (Cww)30pF Max(at 100kHz, 0.1V).
6. Leakage Inductance (LL) 0.6uH Max (at 100kHz, 0.1V).
7. DCR Pri 0.9Ω Max Sec 1.2Ω Max.
8. Balance Inductance (BL) 1.0uH Max (at 100kHz, 0.1V).
9. Designed for reflow soldering at temperature 260℃ Max.
10. RoHS compliance.


HST-24002SAR datasheet pinout

HST-24002SAR Datasheet PDF

BP2836 pdf