SiL9024A Datasheet PDF – HDMI Transmitter – Silicon Image

Partnumber : SiL9024A

Function: HDMI transmitter supports the High Definition Multimedia Interface

Package: 81-ball, 49-ball VFBGA, 72-pin QFN Type

Manufacturer: Silicon Image


SiL9024A HDMI Transmitter


The SiI9022A / SiL9024A HDMI transmitter supports the High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) Specification on a wide range of mobile products. High definition camcorders, digital still cameras, and personal mobile devices connect directly to a large installed base of HDMI TVs and DVI PC monitors by using the flexible audio and video interfaces provided by this ultra-low-power solution. S/PDIF or I2S inputs enable a pure digital audio connection to virtually any system audio processor or codec. This transmitter is the next generation of its family and is an enhanced replacement for the SiI9022/SiI9024 device, with lower power and enhanced features.

The SIL9024A transmitter is pre-programmed with HDCP keys and has completely self-sequencing HDCP detection and authentication, including SHA-1 for repeaters. The device supports High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) for devices that require secure content delivery.


SiL9024A pinout

Control Capability

1. Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) interface incorporates an HDMI-compliant CEC I/O with hardware protocol and arbitration logic, and requires no external calibration

2. Monitor detection is supported through both Hot Plug and Receiver Sense circuits

3. Single slave I2C from host, passing through to master I2C interface for DDC connection, simplifies board layout and lowers cost

4. Defaults to SiI9020 transmitter register-compatible mode for operation with existing legacy software

Ordering Information

SiI9022ARBT : 81-ball 4 x 4 mm VFBGA
SiI9022AYBT : 49-ball 4 x 4 mm VFBGA
SiI9022ACNU : 72-pin 10 x 10 mm QFN
SiI9024ARBT : 81-ball 4 x 4 mm VFBGA
SiI9024AYBT : 49-ball 4 x 4 mm VFBGA
SiI9024ACNU : 72-pin 10 x 10 mm QFN


SiL9024A Datasheet PDF

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ADAM26P20 PDF – Remote Control Transmitter

Part Number: ADAM26P20

Function: Single Remote Control Transmitter

Package: SOP 20 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ETA Chips


1 page
ADAM26P20 image


The ADAM26P20 is remote control transmitter which uses CMOS Technology. The ADAM26XXX is suitable for remote control of TV, VCR, FANS, Air-conditioners, Audio Equipments, Toys, Games etc.


1. Program Memory – 2,048 bytes(2,048 x 8bit) [ Multi-programmable By 1K-Byte or 2K Byte)

2. Data Memory (RAM) – 32nibble(32 x 4bit)

3. 3 levels of subroutine nesting

4. Operating Frequency – 2.4MHz ~ 4 MHz

5. Instruction Cycle – fosc/48

6. Stop mode

7. Released stop mode by key input

8. Built in Power-on Reset Circuit, WDT

9. Built in Transistor for I.R LED Drive – IOL=250mA at VDD=3V and Vo=0.3V

10. Built in Low Voltage Reset Circuit

11. Low Operating Voltage – 1.3 ~ 3.6V ETA Chips Co., Ltd […]


ADAM26P20 Datasheet

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