What is Z0103MA? – 600V, 1A, Triac, TO-92 – NXP

What is Z0103MA?

It is a sensitive gate triac that is designed for low-power applications, such as motor control, lighting control, and heating control. It has a maximum RMS on-state current rating of 1 Amp and a maximum voltage rating of 600V. The “Z” in the part number indicates that the triac is designed to operate with zero-crossing detection circuitry, which helps to minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI) and reduce power dissipation.

Part Number: Z0103MA

Function: 4Q 600V, Triac

Package: TO-92 (SOT54)Type

Manufacturer: NXP Semiconductors.

Image and pinout
Z0103MA datasheet


Planar passivated very sensitive gate four quadrant triac in a SOT54 (TO-92) plastic package intended for use in applications requiring direct interfacing to logic ICs and low power gate drivers.

Z0103MA is a type of Triac, which is a three-terminal electronic component that acts as a switch. Triacs are commonly used in AC power control applications, where they can control the amount of power delivered to a load by varying the time that current flows through the load.

Z0103MA Triac 600V NXP


1. Direct interfacing to logic level ICs
2. Direct interfacing to low power gate drive circuits
3. High blocking voltage capability
4. Planar passivated for voltage ruggedness and reliability
5. Triggering in all four quadrants
6. Very sensitive gate in four quadrants


1. General purpose low power motor control
2. Home appliances
3. Industrial process control
4. Low power AC Fan controllers

Other data sheets are available within the file: ZO103MA

Z0103MA Datasheet PDF

Z0103MA pdf

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Z00607MA Datasheet PDF – 0.8A, 600V, Sensitive Gate Triac

Part Number: Z00607MA

Function: 0.8 A, 600V, SENSITIVE GATE TRIAC

Package: TO-92, SOT-223 Type

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics

Image and Pinouts:

Z00607MA datasheet



A Sensitive Gate Triac (SGT) is a type of thyristor or solid-state switch that can control the flow of current in AC (alternating current) circuits. It is similar to a regular triac, but has a lower gate trigger current and is therefore more sensitive to control signals. The Sensitive Gate Triac has a lower gate trigger current than a standard triac, which means that it can be triggered by lower voltage or current signals.

The Z00607MA is suitable for low power AC switching applications. Typical applications include home appliances (electrovalve, pump, door lock, small lamp control), fan speed controllers. Thanks to the low gate triggering current these triacs can be driven directly by microcontrollers.

Z00607MA 600V Triac

The triac is a three-terminal device that can conduct current in either direction when triggered by a gate signal. It is often used in applications such as dimmer switches, motor speed controllers, and AC power control circuits. In these applications, the triac is used to control the amount of power delivered to a load by adjusting the phase angle of the AC voltage waveform.



1. On-state rms current = 0.8 A
2. Repetitive peak off-state voltage = 600 V
3. Gate triggering current = 5 mA
4. Storage junction temperature range: -40 to +150 °C
5. Operating junction temperature range: -40 to +110 °C

Marking Number: Z0607MA, Z6M

Other data sheets are available within the file: Z00607MA1BA2, Z00607MA2BL2, Z00607MA5BL2, Z00607MN

Z00607MA Datasheet PDF

Z00607MA pdf