BTA41-600B Datasheet – 40A, 600V, Triac

This post explains for the triac. A Triac is a type of solid-state AC switch that can be triggered on and off at any point in the AC waveform. It is commonly used for phase control applications such as dimming lights or controlling the speed of AC motors.

Triacs are similar in operation to thyristors, but unlike thyristors, triacs can switch both polarities of the AC waveform.

The Part Number is BTA41-600B.

The function of this semiconductor is 40A, 600V, Triac.

Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

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Available in power packages, the BTA40, BTA41 and BTB41 are suitable for general purpose AC switching. When used with the properly dimensioned heatsink, the BTA40, BTA41 and BTB41 can enable AC switching systems up to 9 kW. Refer to ST Application Note AN533 for thermal management of Triacs.

The BTA40, BTA41, BTA41-600B and BTB41 provides an insulated tab (rated at 2500 V rms). They are recognized by UL. Representative samples of these components have been evaluated by UL and meet applicable UL requirements for UL 1557 standard (File Ref. 81734).

A triac consists of three layers of alternating P-type and N-type semiconductor material, arranged in a symmetrical structure. When the gate of the triac is triggered, it becomes conductive, allowing current to flow through the device. The triac will continue to conduct until the current falls below a certain threshold value, at which point it will turn off.

Triacs are widely used due to their high-power handling capability and low cost, making them a popular choice for industrial and consumer applications where AC switching is required. They are also used in applications where fast switching is needed, such as in switching power supplies, since they can switch on and off very quickly.



• High current Triac

• Low thermal resistance

• BTA40 and BTA41 UL1557 recognized components (file ref: 81734)

• RoHS (2002/95/EC) compliant packages

• UL-94, V0 flammability package resin compliance


BTA41-600B datasheet triac


• On/off function in static relays, heating regulation, induction motor starting circuits

• Phase control operations in light dimmers and motor speed controllers

BTA41-600B PDF Datasheet

Z0607 PDF – 0.8A, 600V, TRIAC, TO-92

This post explains for the 600V, Triac.

The Part Number is Z0607.

The function of this semiconductor is 0.8A, 600V, TRIACS.

Package: TO-92 Type

Manufacturer: RCR, ST


Z0607 datasheet triac


A Z0607 TRIAC refers to a specific type of TRIAC (Triode for Alternating Current) semiconductor device that can handle a maximum current of 0.8 amperes (A) and a maximum voltage of 600 volts (V). TRIACs are widely used in AC power control applications for switching and controlling the flow of alternating current.

1. Current and Voltage Ratings: The TRIAC is rated to handle a maximum current of 0.8A, which means it can handle current flows up to 0.8A without exceeding its current carrying capacity. It has a maximum voltage rating of 600V, indicating it can withstand voltages up to 600V without breakdown.

2. Bidirectional Switching: TRIACs are bidirectional devices, meaning they can control the current flow in both directions of an AC waveform. They can be triggered to conduct current when a suitable gate signal is applied, and they automatically turn off when the current through the device falls below a certain level.

The Z0607 is suitable for low power AC switching applications, such as fan speed, small light controllers… Thanks to low gate triggering current, it can be directly
driven by microcontrollers.

Z0607 pdf


• NPNPN five-layer silicon bidirectional device

• P-type diffusion isolation

• Mesa glass passivation process, multilayer metal electrodes on the back

• Quadrants Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, and Ⅳ all have logic-level sensitive trigger characteristics

• Can be directly driven by IC and other low-power gate trigger circuits

• Higher blocking voltage

• TO-92 type plastic package



1. Switching and dimming of lighting fixtures

2. Speed regulation of electric fans

3. solid state relay

4. Other phase control circuit

Z0607 PDF Datasheet